8 Awesome Twilight Tattoos?

If there is one book and movie franchise that provokes a lot of reactions it is the Twilight saga. You either love it or hate it. I knew how much it was hated by the haters, every time a new movie came out I would read the endless bashing of the movie. It doesn’t bother me, I read the books, saw the movies so safe to say I like it. That’s it, a healthy liking, no obsessions or anything. I can even say I read very fast through some parts in the books that where too mushy.

I had no idea just how much others likes, or no, loves Twilight. As in unhealthy love one can say. While browsing tattoos I decided to check if there are Twilight tattoos and I was shocked. It’s like the fail directory of tattoos. Then I decided to look for the ones that are actually nice taking away that they are Twilight tattoos and not everyone is a fan.

So I set to to look for all I could find and pick the artistically best ones. Making a list of the horrible ones is a feat even a 5 year old can do. So here I present you the 8 best Twilight tattoos. You might not be a fan or even hate Twilight but at least 5 of these tattoos can be seen as a general tattoo not related to Twilight but a true fan would recognize them as Twilight tattoos.

Edwards words to Bella when he has to leave her.

Edwards tells Bella when discussing how dangerous he is to her. On which Bella replies “Stupid lamb”.

A combination of all book covers, this is one of the best I’ve seen as there are many tattoos of the covers. The red beam is pretty realistic, and the apple you see on the right is well done with the shadows on it. All other Twilight red apple tattoos looked flat and ordinary.

This one is a very nice black/gray tattoo. This is the Cullen family crest with another Edward quote.

Jacob Black’s wolfpack tattoo. It could pass as a regular Indian tattoo as it has been said the design is based on the Quileute tribe and some modern pop art.

Yet another Edward quote, it’s these kind of things I was skipping in the books. The chances that vampires are real are more realistic then a guy so “perfect” as Edward Cullen.

Ambigrams are cool, this one is Vampire – Werewolf and must have been done before all books where out. Because Jacob is not a werewolf but a shape shifter. Then again maybe it was a conscious choice because it’s easier having an ambigram of vampire and werewolf instead of just wolf.

I was on the fence with this tattoo, while one arm done in black/gray with the Cullen family crest and tree does not look nice the other arm with the book covers items looks great. Like I said before the red beam is done well. And here I like how they combined the flower, beam and the chess piece.

Aren’t tattoos more fascinating then paints sometimes? I guess just the fact that they are forever.

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