9 Must Have Hunger Games Accessories

So the day that countless people have been waiting for has finally arrived: The Hunger Games World Premiere. How fare you?

This movie has been hyped so much that I am actually afraid that we might be in for a disappointment – especially if you were into The Hunger Game book before the idea for the movie was conceptualized. Still, one has to admit that the casting and trailers give much hope.

In any case, just like with any book or movie that gets your blood pumping, The Hunger Games already has a lot of accessories to choose from. A simple search will yield choices that will make sure you part with your hard earned money.

In the spirit of celebrating Young Adult fiction this week – with The Hunger Games as the main theme, of course – here is a handy list of Hunger Games accessories that you might want to get your hands on. You can thank me later. ;)

Hunger Games Pin

MockingJay Hunger Games Pin

This MockingJay Pin is what Katniss wore while in the arena. It might very well be the ultimate symbol for The Hunger Games, and if you get only one accessory, I think it should be this. Get the
pin for only $30.

Hunger Games Ear Cuffs

Hunger Games Ear Cuff District 1

Don’t like earrings but want something to grace your ears? This pair of ear cuffs is modeled after District 1 fashion, and while the residents of that district may not be the smartest or nicest cookies, they do have a way with getting attention. $23 for this accessory.

Hunger Games iPhone Case

Hunger Games Inspired Mockingjay iPhone Case

It’s about time for me to get a new iPhone case, and I think that this one will do very well. It’s priced nicely at $8.99, but it is made of alloy and plastic, do we can’t really expect much.

Hunger Games Drinking Glasses

Hunger Games Glasses

For your next party, The Hunger Games may very well be the main topic of conversation. What better way to liven up things than to serve drinks using these drinking glasses? Prepare $42 for a set of four glasses.

Hunger Games T-shirts

Of course, t-shirts will be part of any list such as this one. Here are some of the more interesting ones that I found.

Let the Games Begin T-shirt

Let the Games Begin T-shirt

Chances are you’ll be saying “Let the games begin” a lot, so why not let this shirt do the talking? It’s very simple, but it does the job. Damage: $25.80.

Hand Painted Hunger Games T-shirt

Hand Painted Hunger Games T-shirt

My favorite, hands down. Get it at UnicornEmpirePrints for $18.

Fire is Catching T-shirt

Fire is Catching T-shirt

Fire is catching, indeed, and the Girl on Fire makes that statement even truer. $28.14 for this t-shirt.

Mellark Bakery T-shirt

Mellark Bakery T-shirt

If you like Peeta (I do, but he can be boring), then this t-shirt will get your attention. $27.44 to show the bakery your support!

Hunger Games Odds T-shirt

Hunger Games Odds T-shirt

Pink it may be, but this girl’s tee has a line that will be uttered by people all around the world pretty soon. You can take that to the bank. $32.83 for the shirt.
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