90 Seconds of Reality-Bending Microsoft HoloLens Gameplay

Not even sure how I feel about the above footage. Don’t get me wrong, I am wholly impressed by the fact that video games have gotten to the point where we can play with virtual holograms running around inside our own houses. THAT, in itself, is pretty mind-blowing.

But the problem with hololens and hologram technology in general is it feels very gimmicky. Like this tech demo, for example. I can see where it is a trip running Conker around your actual environment, but let’s remember, the 3DS has augmented reality games where Marios would run around your house (kind of) so this is not a huge step up from that. Add to that the gameplay looks like fetch quests and real basic stuff and overall, you don’t have something here that impresses me much more than the initial wow.

Could it potentially be used for some really cool ideas? Yes. Zombies looking like they are coming up through your floor to get you would be a much better example. But I also have to factor in that this is the first true stages of this, and maybe over time once it has some legs and traction, I will be singing its praises higher than anyone.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for the hololens to come out to confirm or deny this. Still, pretty cool looking if you ask me. Just want to see where it goes, long term.


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