A Few New Glimpses At 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

A second teaser trailer has been released for Star Trek Into Darkness. Some of the shots we saw in the last trailer, but here’s a quick look at all the new stuff.

Man, Paramount is on a tear with their Star Trek Into Darkness PR. First they hit us with that initial teaser trailer. Then they attached the first nine minutes of the movie to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Now they’ve dropped another teaser trailer. For a movie that’s not out for another five months, I hope they’re not over-saturating us too soon.

Anyhoo, enjoy the new stuff.

What in the world is Captain Kirk wearing in this shot?

A later view of the earlier shot of Kirk and Bones jumping off a cliff. Here you can see that they land safely in the water. (They have a very good reason for jumping in the water, by the way.)

Wonder what he’s looking at? Probably something nasty the villain has done.

Why is Chekov wearing a red uniform, instead of gold?

Spock appears to be sitting in the Captain’s chair, under red alert.

Uhura in the midst of an action scene.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain surveys the destruction he’s created.

Bones during a tense moment. (There are a lot of those.)

Uh-oh. Scotty looks not just distraught, but downright judgmental, as well. Wouldn’t want to be whoever he’s staring at.

Hard to tell if Sulu is sad or angry.

Starfleet officers are folding the Federation flag. Can only mean one thing: funeral. Looks like a major character is going to die!

These are either coffins or cryo-containers. The context of the trailer makes you think it’s coffins, but look closely at the ends where there are windows. Definitely looks like there are people in there that have been frozen.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is in the Enterprise brig. Which, in the tradition of all great mastermind bad guys, means he probably wants to be there.

A closer look at the big bad.

That’s a shuttle or small craft of some kind in the center, but other than that, I can’t tell what’s happening here.

I believe this is Kirk, navigating through debris in orbit of an unknown planet. You’ll see why I think it’s Kirk in a minute.

The Enterprise is taking damage.

A continuation of the previous shot, this time showing the underneath of the saucer section. Check out the damage to the deflector dish.

Don’t know what world this is, but I dig the geometric aesthetic. The bird-shaped ship in the foreground is pretty cool, too.

Spock and Uhura, about to get it on.

A human/Vulcan moment of passion.

Genre fans may recognize this guy: it’s Noel Clarke, aka “Mickey Smith” from the Rose Tyler years of Doctor Who. No idea who he plays in this movie, but I can tell you that he appears in the first scene, and that this shot is not in that scene.

Based on what we’ve already seen, it looks like the Enterprise‘s artificial gravity is going to go bonkers at one point. This is probably from that same scene, but showing Scotty hanging on for dear life in the engine room turned sideways.

In the trailer, Kirk is moving very fast through this tiny, enclosed space. I’m guessing it’s a torpedo tube, resulting in him maneuvering through the orbital debris in that earlier image.

Kirk lays the smackdown on the bad guy, while Uhura and (off-camera) Spock look on.

Cool phaser rifle you got there. Kirk sure goes through a lot of costume changes in this movie. This looks like the dress uniforms we saw in the first movie. And if you look closely, you can see the Starfleet delta insignia on his chest with a circle behind it — a revised version of the logo that was used starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The other side of the previous shot, this is what Kirk is shooting at.

Back on Earth, Spock is about to make a scifi base jump.

Spock dives. This is probably right before the shots in the other trailer of him running through the streets. Something big is going down and he’s got to get to where he’s going crazy fast.

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