A Fitting End

In the wake of New York Comicon there is so much that is available to write about, such as the new IDW crossover Infestation (whoda thunk that Star Trek and the Ghost Busters could work together huh?), but I have to take a moment to stand back in awe about Marvel’s excellent One Month To Live.

Despite my earlier fears, the series retained its original high quality, there was no easy get out for Dennis the central character, and yet somehow this was a triumphant story. This is the level of storytelling that we need to see a lot more of, maybe without our heartstrings being wrenched out of our chests and plucked with a Hulk-like intensity however. I’m not sure I could take the pace of that, week in, week out.

In the entire series, there was but one cheesy moment, in this weeks very issue in fact. I won’t spoil it by revealing it, but I would also say that the story would have been incomplete without that very cheese, just as even the best movies have that one moment where your flesh crawls out of sheer embarrassment. (I also like the fact it intimates further incarnations of this character, at least in those crazy ‘every team member who ever lived’ cross-time things, like the Avengers Forever or say New Warriors Forever Yesterday plotlines).

As a perfect antidote to this heart-wrenching emotion, I must also steer you towards Spider-Man – Back In Quack. Now this time the cheese is applied sparingly, even though the story includes the return of SOOFI (who always rather struck me as a cheap rip-off of Nebulon’s Celestial Mind Contol Bozo movement from the earlier issues of the first run of the Defenders). The Gerber-ness of Howard The Duck has not been diluted one jot over the many years, and together these two comics alone have made me satisfied from this weeks pulls. Fantastic! If there is nothing else you buy this week, come sate yourself on these delights.

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