Stereotypes are often hated by most people because they give an impression of the person’s personality before anyone actually gets to know them. However, we can all admit that stereotypes are there for a reason and they always have a basis. Some people confuse nerds and geeks together; while these two groups of people have some traits in common, such as obsession, passion, and intelligence, they both differ in their interest fields.

While nerds might focus on their studies, books, and enriching their knowledge,  geeks might be more interested in tv shows, games, and comics. Of course, these stereotypes sometimes make it hard for geeks to socialize with others. So, what are the ways in which geeks can start socializing and making new friends who have the same interests? 

Themed Parties 

Geeks are the greatest party organizers for several reasons; from paying attention to details, to their obsession with different fun themes, they are more likely to come up with the most fun parties out there. You can go for the usual Star Trek or Star Wars themes where people can dress up for the occasion and come as their favorite characters. Marvel and DC themes are always a hit as well. People dress up as their favorite superheroes and have fun with other people who share their love for comic books and movies. These parties don’t have to be traditional where people listen to music, have a conversation, and eat. You can always turn one party into a marathon of your favorite movies or shows. There is another idea of adding a trivia night to your party to spice it up and add more fun to your night. 

Board Game Night 

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If you have watched The Big Bang Theory, then you must already know how geeks enjoy their board game night, it’s almost sacred. The well-known fantasy adventure, board game Dungeons & Dragons is considered to be the most popular option among geeks. There are other board games that you can enjoy such as Blood Bowl, The Walking Dead, which is an extremely fun game, The Hobbit, Mansions of Madness, and so on. You can always turn the night into a video games’ fun night with your favorite PS, Xbox, or online games. 

Online, Duh 

If you think about it, it’s only logical that the internet will be the most common place for different geeks to meet. They spend most of their time surfing the internet, playing online, or binge-watching their favorite shows. That’s why meeting people over other apps that they enjoy such as chatting apps like Snapchat, or online games like Call of Duty, or even over some dating apps. Once you think of chatting apps, emojis pop out automatically. Geeks are in love with emojis to express themselves in a cool, fun way, but other geeks might obsess over the meaning behind every emoji someone sent them. Finding Snapchat emoji meanings to understand the exact meaning of every emoji definitely helps drastically when you are communicating with other people, especially strangers. People can be easily misunderstood when they are behind their screens, that’s why using emojis correctly will help in sending your message without leaving room for misinterpretations. 


Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con 2019 - Phoenix, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke of the X-Men

Comic conventions have extremely grown in their popularity over the past decade due to the huge promotion they get from different celebrities, especially the geeky ones. If you are one of the few lucky people living close to where these conventions are held, then you shouldn’t miss this chance. Participants go the extra mile to save money to be able to travel to these conventions,  if they are living far away. Others save money for their costumes that they spend endless hours on, in order to perfect them. This gathering depends on dressing up and interacting with one another. This can sound like hell on earth for geeks who are socially awkward, however, getting over the discomfort to meet new people who share the same passion as you are definitely worth it. Other social geeks love these events as they are the perfect chance to make new friends and enjoy their time. 

Following stereotypes blindly when meeting someone for the first time, without leaving room to get to know them for who they are is the worst thing you can do when meeting new people. There are different kinds of geeks and they are all different in their personality traits, what they enjoy, and how they are. That’s why keeping an open mind when you are trying to socialize with new people is essential for both of you to enjoy your time together.

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