A Look at Kaiju Gomera

By Nopy

For the past couple of years, the people at IDA Entertainment along with partners Light & Shadow, and Zeppet have been working on a new children’s series called Kaiju Gomera, though there is something hardly G-rated in it. The word “Kaiju” is Japanese for monster, and Gomera is the name of a rookie monster that wants to become famous like Godzilla by rampaging through cities and destroying buildings. The problem with Gomera though, is that he can’t bring himself to intentionally destroy something although he tends to do a lot of destruction by accident.

Each Gomera episode is approximately 5 minutes long and usually involves Gomera getting into some sort of fight, either with the defensive tanks and helicopters of the city he’s attacking or with some other monster. The fights always end up on a comical note, with Gomera accidently destroying everything or unleashing an energy fart of epic proportions.

Junya Okabe, the CEO of IDA has said that he wanted to “produce a pure entertaining children series with the simple stories and funny characters, and hoping it has audiences spontaneous appetite to buy the character toys.” Well, I’m not sure how many parents would actually buy a Gomera toy for their kids, but I’m sure someone interested in the weird and wonderful from Japan would like one.

Although Gomera is marketed as a fun, goofy monster, there is something that IDA’s marketing materials fail to mention about him and his series: that the main focus isn’t on Gomera, but his balls. Yes, that’s right; the entire series seems to revolve around Gomera’s manly parts, which are clearly visible in every episode. Not only are they constantly visible, but IDA goes out of their way to zoom in on them every now and then. Every episode makes sure to give Gomera’s balls the spotlight for a while before they get hit by cannon fire or other weapon.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out all five of the Gomera episodes currently out at http://www.gomera.jp/en/. There is supposed to be a Gomera toy that will be available, but as of this writing there doesn’t seem to be a way to order one. This isn’t the weirdest thing out there, but it’s definitely one for the collection if you love weird things from Japan.

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