A Step to an AI-Powered 2020: Forex Robots

Forex robots are now seeing increased implementation in trading activity. It appears that the future of these is certainly bright, as they continue to maximise returns and increase the overall potential of trading as an event, adding a data-driven and automated approach to the activity.

 Effectively, a Forex robot is an algorithm. Using a data-driven and scientific approach, the algorithm is able to seek out profitable trades, utilising factors such as margins and opportunity to lock in a profit for the trader in question. Human emotion is removed from any activity, and the robots are also far more likely to monitor price movements with a greater degree of detail and efficiency.

The robots work on an automated system, that picks up on a set of trading signals. This means they know when it is the best time to either invest or sell on the different markets available. They have been designed in order to maximise potential earnings and when coupled with a slight degree of human interaction, studies have shown that they are a hugely effective weapon in running a profitable Forex trading account.

The systems do not divert from their successful methods, and this is why they are now becoming more and more successful, and popularity is increasing. One of the reasons behind this is the fact they work on a non-stop trading basis. The robots are an automated system, so can work around the clock on the 24/7 open markets. This means they can pick up on opportunities available at all times, which is something a human simply cannot do.

Furthermore, the process helps with saving time and adds to efficiency throughout the process. There is much greater opportunity when compared to trading manually, with the robot being able to work on multiple trades at any given time within seconds. We’ve mentioned it before, but using these in removing human emotions on trading is incredibly important, as this is an area that often contributes to a trader’s downfall.

So, with this being the case, here we cover a number of the most popular forex robots that are currently being used.


This forex robot system has been a success since back in 2013. This has a proven record of reliability, with a lower risk than many other systems. The system has also shown a great record of high profitability, which is why remains one of the most popular across the market. 


Another popular forex robot is ROFX, which is driven by AI, which means it is an easy to use system. There are six different packages on offer with the system, which can be chosen based on what you are looking to achieve from the system. 

Universe Forex robot

This system works by looking to accumulate average wins. It works by a 1:2 risk to reward ratio, with success at above 50%. The system can also work across a number of different markets, whilst also managing them. The Universe forex robot has a proven track record and is reliable, which is why it continues to be so popular. 


The PipBolt system works by a collection of forex robots. These are based around a number of basic strategies. These including the likes of Moving average cross, RIS and Parabolic SAR to name just a few. This is another system that continues to prove very popular for traders.

Delton Pro

This is another fully automatic trading system to make the list and has an incredible win rate, of a little shy of 90%. This is why the Delton Pro is amongst the leading systems on offer for traders. The Delton pro is based around a strategy that focuses on market psychology, on top of candlestick patters and Fibonacci levels. This also includes the system that works on a hedging money management strategy, that is used on many of the others.

Forex Spectre

The final system to make the list is Forex spectre that also has be proven to work to a near 50% win rate. It works with only fixed lots and is another very popular system to be used. 

AI and robotic trading are becoming ever more commonplace and important in the world of Forex – not least for the common trader. As algorithms and technology evolve, one should expect this area to continually evolve, and become an essential weapon in the armoury of Forex traders across the globe.

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