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I’ve always maintained that Facebook can help boost productivity, contrary to many companies’ policies.  Then again, not everyone works in a set up like the one we have here at FG.  Today, I ran across the site called Unclutterer, courtesy of a friend on Facebook.  The post that got me distracted all day is about lists of things that you won’t do again.

You know how some people have bucket lists? Well, I’d like to call this the Geek Frak List – things that I will not do again in relation to gadgets, toys, and other geeky stuff.  I have been sitting here for hours thinking about items to put on the list (not continuously, of course), and here is what I have come up with. It’s not as long as I would like it to be, but this should do for now.

Settle for the next best thing when it comes to gadgets.

I have absolutely no EQ when it comes to buying “toys.” For some reason, though, there are times when I would hold back and not get what I want because it’s too expensive. The classic example is the iPhone. Ever since that came many years ago, I have wanted one. Each time I would have a chance to buy it, I’d end up buying some other phone that “works just as well.” Several years – and many gadgets – later, I am still lusting after the iPhone.

Torture yourself by visiting stores to play with toys that you have no way of buying then and there.

Reading that sentence again, I realize that I will probably struggle with this item over and over again. How many times have you experienced agonizingly yearning for something that you’ve actually held and played with, only to have to wait till you have enough money to purchase it? (I’m sure I’ll forget the torturous moments as soon as I pass by the Apple Store again.)

Avoid watching a TV series (or movie even) just because you adore the book and are afraid of having it ruined for you.

Or the other way around, actually. This is exactly what happened to me with The Legend of the Seeker. I think I had only gotten to Book 2 of The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind when I gave up. It just didn’t suit me, and that’s why I avoided watching the TV series for the longest time. When I finally got bored and had nothing else to watch, I ended up trying out The Legend of the Seeker. Let’s just say I spent a couple of sleepless nights finishing it.

Go out (during rainy season) with your netbook – without an umbrella.

No matter how sturdy and waterproof your case may be, all that rain will get to your gadget soon enough. I hate umbrellas, but I have learned my lesson. If I have to go out, I’ll leave my laptop at home and feel lost for a couple of hours.

Argue with hardcore geeks while intoxicated.

If you like avoiding confrontations and arguments, then this should definitely be on your list. Try it one time and you’ll know what I mean. (Unless you’re THE geek who likes shooting everyone down.)

What’s on your Frak List?

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