A New Earp For A New Age

In my last post I mentioned how I’m not that into the old Wild West titles, yet now it seems that I am to be proved wrong at every turn. Of course as a child I loved both the strips and the old movies but at some point my love affair with the cowboy faded away as I found more and more of the ‘spandex’ worlds to explore.

Looks like I am being drawn back to old territories, what with the Phantom Rider haunting the pages of Hawkeye and Mockingbird and now this, a revamp of the legendary Wyatt Earp.

Earp Saints For Sinners is one of those higher quality launch issues. You know where you can have numerous types of lower quality first issues; nice ideas but no depth, lots of questions but no substance or good story but one-dimensional characters.

Well, there are a few elements of those in Radical Comics latest new title, but to be honest, they are more enticing than omissions or lack of quality, at least at first glance.  The entire atmosphere reminds me of Blade Runner (minus the flying cars). This version of the legendary gun-slinger is set a few years into the future, after an even more devastating economic crash than the one we have just experienced. Now a retired cop in a very bleak future, his story is told by his younger brother while the revamped classic bank robbers such ass Jesse James run riot.

With a pacy story, this premier issue reeks of a well-crafted atmosphere, enough to make me want to return this world again. Give it a go.

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