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Now that smartphones are the standard instead of the exception the app market is booming. Especially Apple’s Apps store is very successful. And not just because Apple sold so many iPhone’s, according to the infographic Blackberry sold more phones than Apple. I have a theory that one of the factors that Apple App store is so successful is because of how easy it is to buy and install an app.

Most users aren’t very tech, just yesterday I was telling a friend that people should take a test before being allowed to use a smartphone. They don’t know more then a third of what the phone can do and are the ones you hear complaining about a huge phone bill because they didn’t know to turn off data roaming when they went abroad.

The app store is so easy that if you left your 5-year old unsupervised with your iPhone and iTunes password she or he would rack up a credit card bill in no time.

Since a couple of weeks I have a Blackberry besides my iPhone and I must have been spoiled by the iPhone because it took me more then a week to get BlackBerry App World working. And downloading an app is not as straight forward as on the iPhone. I have seen courses being giving on how to use your BlackBerry for individuals and companies but never a course for the iPhone. I’m still looking to get my hands on an android phone to see how it works compared to BlackBerry and iPhone.

As you can see the phone app market is big business, for the stores that is. Only few developers make good money from their apps.

I do miss a part about store safety, we know Apple screens each and every app. That did not stop a developer to scam credit cards in the App Store. Google does not check apps added to the Android Market which resulted in apps that stole bank info from users. A safety comparison between all the app stores would be handy.

And how about that 15-year old kid who recently submitted a flash light app to Apple App Store and got it approved? Only turns out the “flashlight” app was more a tethering app that turns your iPhone into a hotspot. I’m still kicking myself for not having downloaded that app before it was removed.

Off topic: We have seen online music stores become successful and I know more people who pay for their music then getting them illegally, that used to be different. Music and app stores are successful, now ebooks stores are gaining more and more. So what is it with the movie business that they can’t follow example?

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