A phone that repels mosquitos :)

By Jim


This from DVice and BBC.

SK Telecoms subscribers can now avoid mosquito bites after dowloading a file that when played will keep mosquitos away. High frequency sound baby, that’s what this is all about.  That audio file can’t be heard by humans, rather it is directed to the female mosquito who apparently gets annoyed by it and thus eventually leaves you alone.

This is such a H-U-G-E claim and with a substantial fee of $2.50 charged to the subscriber, can be a deep hole for lawsuits.  South East and East Asia has been known for the dengue virus scare by mosquitos. So does this mean when one plays the audio file he won’t get the dengue virus?

I’m just not sure if it’s a per play cost or a play-all-you-can contract.  If it’s a per-play deal this will soon leak out on the internet and get passed on via blue tooth easily.  If it’s play-all-you-can, same deal.

Nonetheless, it’s a promise that’s believable and ridiculous at the same time.  We’ll keep our eyes on this trick for sure.

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