Accessorize with LEGO Hats

Halloween has come and gone, and costume parties may not be the main thing right now, but who said that you have to be at one in order to have some fun with your accessories? Whether or not you have a costume party in the near future, here is something that is sure to give you some inspiration. AFOL, get ready for this. wore that LEGO hat at the American Music Awards and perhaps he impressed a lot of people, but certified LEGO fans were not really fooled. That included father and son team Leo Hickman, who got quite frustrated about the inaccuracy of the rapper’s hat. According to three-year-old Jacob Hickman,’s LEGO hat would be physically impossible if you were to use normal bricks.

The result? Jacob’s own creation. ((Source: The Guardian)) I don’t know about you, but while the Black Eyed Peas member’s hat is absolutely cool, I think little Jacob’s is more endearing (and more realistic).

LEGO hats are not really new. Naturally, after seeing Jacob’s hat, I just had to look up similar creations. Here are a couple that will get LEGO fans off. This hat was featured at Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot. ((Source: Hooked on Horses)) One might not be able to wear this hat in “real life,” but it does not take away from the wow factor.

The French are known for being at the cutting edge of fashion, and these LEGO hats showcase what they can do. ((Source: Why Travel to France))

They may not suit everyone, but I really am drawn to the house hat.

Does anyone have any other images of cool LEGO hats?

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