7 Active Games as Fun as Pokémon Go

Remember when Pokémon Go swept the world as a smartphone game sensation? It got gamers out of the house while immersed in one of their favorite fandoms. Though this is still a fun game, it’s losing popularity, and gamers are in search of other exciting games to fulfill their craving.

Physical activity is an important part of staying healthy, but it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to hit the gym. If you can find an awesome video game that will incorporate exercise, it’s a great excuse to play video games for a couple of hours a day, right?

If you’re looking for something similar to Pokémon Go and need a little more activity, here are some video games you should try.

7 Active Games as Fun as Pokémon Go

1. Aliens on the Table

Aliens on the Table is an augmented reality game designed to defeat hostile aliens who have not only landed on earth, but are trying to contact their home planet to get reinforcements. Your job is to prevent them from making contact and taking over the world.

In order to do that, you’ll maneuver around a game table, shooting aliens that are trying to reach their communication portal. You can’t successfully shoot all the aliens unless you keep moving and targeting them from every angle, so it’s a great game to get you up and active.

2. Discovery Map

This isn’t exactly a video game – it’s more of a virtual experience. Discovery Map creates maps of popular cities and tourist destinations to help you better enjoy the journey. You follow an online map as you walk through the city on your vacation.

You can also assist in making your own maps for others to enjoy. It’s an exciting opportunity that takes you out of your house while working with virtual technology.

3. Dragon Mania Legends

In Dragon Mania Legends, you’ll act as a villager whose purpose is to save the land of the dragons. This ancient mystical creature is being captured and tortured by enemies. You’ll train dragons and help them defeat their enemies.

The game play will remind you of Pokémon Go with exceptional graphics and great colors. You can move along with the dragons and enjoy the mystical nature of the game. 

4. Mobbles

Mobbles is very similar to Pokémon Go in that you can collect a variety of fun creatures as you walk around in search of them. The app scans the area and alerts you when a Mobble monster is near.

Much like Pokémon Go, you have to walk to where the monster pops up on your app. There are more than 70 Mobbles you can collect in any given area, with more coming. You can trade, have them fight in battles, and customize them. You’ll get plenty of exercise and explore a new universe.

5. Ingress

Before we had Pokémon Go, we had Ingress – an augmented reality game designed by the same developers who created Pokémon Go. It’s had more than 50 million downloads with more to come. 

The universe in this game has unknown forces trying to take humanity under their control. Your job is to stop these forces. You move around your region to collect power and defeat forces.

There’s a huge network of players, making it one of the biggest location-based games in the virtual world.

6. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a transformative game that puts you in the center. You’re the hero running away from zombies and completing missions that give you extra powers. Every day, you’ll unlock new missions and gain new powers that help you escape from the zombies and return to your shelter in safety.

The trick is, you have to keep running. Literally, you’re running, whether on a treadmill or in a park, to get away. You’ll speed up and slow down along the way, sometimes slowing to a walk. Ultimately, the only way to complete your missions is to keep pace and burn calories!

7. SpecTrek

If you’re into ghosts and anomalies, SpecTrek is your game. It’s a location-based game requiring you to move around town to collect ghosts and powers. You’ll enable your GPS, camera, and location sharing options to grab the ghosts.

After you’ve found their location, work on getting rid of them. If you’re successful, the ghosts won’t be in the same place anymore. It’s a great game to get you off your feet and into the realm of virtual reality.

Any of these games can easily be downloaded onto your phone and offer you hours of entertainment and exercise. If you loved Pokémon Go, you’ll definitely love these options!

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