Adagio Teas Will Soothe the Geek in You

Who says geeks don’t need soothing now and then? I am actually a coffee person, and in case we ever have the chance to meet in the morning, do make sure that you don’t interact with me before I have had my second cup for the day. Otherwise, I cannot be held responsible for any offense that may be taken (not necessarily given).

These days, though, I have taken a liking to tea starting mid-afternoon. I have been having one of those prolonged battles with insomnia in the recent weeks, and tea seems to help me – Early Grey and Celestial Seasonings Chamomile/Vanilla/Honey Tea, if you want to know.

Due to this interest in tea, I came across a tea maker that screams “Want!”: Adagio Teas. When a ForeverGeek reader (@ohsnapCiera) told me about Adagio Teas, the first thing that came to mind was my childhood stint as a piano player. Adagio. Slow down.

When I saw the special blends of Adagio Teas, though, my heartbeat went in the total opposite direction!

Trust me, Adagio Teas is not your ordinary tea maker. How does a blend called Bruce Banner sound? This is the tea blend that the guys at Adagio Teas actually recommended me to try as it is caffeine-free.

We don’t need to go into the inspiration behind the blend, but the description makes me want to try it: “A calming tea on the surface, but with an overwhelming green force brewing below.” (Not to mention the fact that it’s called Bruce Banner tea!)

Bruce Banner

Adagio Teas has a host of other geeky blends, which will make any tea lover take a sip, another sip, and another sip…

If you like iced tea, the Loki blend seems to be the perfect choice.


And for Harry Potter fans, the Luna Lovegood blend will delight you. It is described as “the sweetest, softest, warmest tea imaginable, with a wild, surprising finish”. Enticing, isn’t it?

Luna Lovegood

If you like living on the edge, how about something a bit insane with a hint of smoke? Meet Sherlock.


Kudos to Adagio Teas for not forgetting about the greatest police call box on earth. It is supposed to taste bigger…and since it’s Earl Grey with blackberry and vanilla, I think this blend will make me one happy writer.


Last, but perhaps the most interesting one (for me), is Tony Stark. Enough said.

Tony Stark

Adagio Teas ships to everywhere in the US and some international destinations. Check out their web site and get your hands on the geekiest teas you can find.

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