Adorable Zombie-Themed Engagement Photos will Melt your Heart

Derek and his fiance Brandi weren’t interested in ordinary engagement photos. Running through fields or posing together on the railroad tracks didn’t appeal to this soon-to-be-married couple.

Instead, they opted for zombie-themed engagement photos.

The groom-to-be worked seasonally at the local Fear Farm in Phoenix, Arizona, working the corn mazes and haunted houses. Both the bride and groom had their hearts set on something zombie themed.

The couple also had plenty of friends and coworkers who were willing to help out the with the photo shoot as backup zombies.

The shoot started out ordinary enough, without a couple “regular shots” (to appease the family later on down the line – especially those who don’t share an affinity for zombie-related things).

Things quickly turned sinister as the happy couple went exploring through a haunted house. Derek protects his lovely fiance, Brandi, from a crazy chainsaw-murderer.

If you look closely, you can see a zombie hiding in the background.

The couple flees the zombies together… but Derek gets bitten by a zombie. Looks like this love story isn’t going to end well.

Derek turns full-zombie and bites his future bride. Now they can be un-dead together. The photographer chose to use blue tones to signify death.

The couple is all ready to get married… all they’re missing is the ring. Derek finds (and bites) one off a victim hiding under a pew.

Then he turns around and proposes (again). It’s sweet and kind of creepy at the same time.

In each shot, their zombie makeup gets a bit more pronounced.

The zombie couple shares a special moment in an old, abandoned Spanish chapel. They’re just dying to get married!

Brandi and Derek’s zombie-themed engagement photos are unique, oddly sweet, and very reflective of their love for each other. While these kinds of shots aren’t for everyone, we hope they can look back at there photos twenty years down the line and still feel happy with their decision.


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