You'll Never Look at Adult Coloring Books the Same Way Again [Giveaway]

If “adult coloring books” made you cringe, let me tell you right now to fight it and read on. We’ve got nothing against adult coloring books per se, but we have to admit that the hype doesn’t help their case. And we certainly never imagined that we’d be running a giveaway featuring adult coloring books.

But, here we are, and we’re actually excited to share some adult coloring books with you. As the title says, they’re not your usual adult coloring books.

Forget all the hipster hype. Forget flowery or abstract stuff.

These are badass coloring books that portray life as it is. No BS. No sugarcoating.

The Weekend Colouring Book

“Partaaay!” is the weekend battle cry of the hip, right? Well, we all know that’s not what always happens in real life. This coloring book tells you the real deal:

“…the joys of Saturday supermarket shopping, botched DIY projects, attending children’s sports games, visiting the in-laws, buying a takeaway and going out on the lash…”

Mindlessness Colouring Book

Mindfulness is what’s IN. It’s useful, we can’t deny that, but when it’s being shoved down your throat day in and day out…

Here’s the perfect thing for you:

The mood-boosting art of Mindlessness: sixty-four inspiring pages featuring easily distracted people indulging their mental urges with no concern for real world consequences. Follow a cast of absent-minded men and women as they explore what happens when a series of everyday tasks are approached with a completely empty mind.

Yup. Mindlessness can be as useful as mindfulness. For laughs, at the very least.

These coloring books are brought to us by Modern Toss, who happen to possess the same sense of humor we do. And while we may not have seen ourselves sitting down purposefully to do some coloring, these adult coloring books may just have changed that.

So, what’s going to happen with the giveaway?

Adult Coloring Book Giveaway

The giveaway is open worldwide – no restrictions!

We’re giving away three sets of:

  1. The Weekend Colouring Book
  2. Mindlessness Colouring Book
  3. Colored Pencils (You didn’t think we’d give you books without the tools, did you?)

The giveaway starts today, July 4 and ends on Sunday, July 9. The winners will be announced on July 10.

As usual, you can tweet once a day, every day. Remember to leave a comment and do all the other extras in the Rafflecopter widget below to increase your chances of winning.

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