What date and time will Al Sancak episode (Bolum) 1 will release around the world, and how can you watch the new series online?

Turkish TV is on fire, and 2023 has only just begun!

As Kurulus Osman continues to dominate the ratings, there might be a new contender for best series of the season with Al Sancak; touted as one of the biggest domestic productions in recent years.

Here is everything that you need to know about Al Sancak, including the synopsis, release date, time, and main cast for episode (Bolum) 1.

Al Sancak episode 1 release date and time confirmed

Al Sancak episode 1 is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, January 19 via the TRT1 channel.

As confirmed by both the series’ official tease trailer and showrunner Mehmet Bozdag, new episodes from the Al Sancak series will release at the following times:

Fans can expect each episode to be then made available to watch online via the Al Sancak YouTube channel, and the TRTiZLE website.

What is Al Sancak all about?

Al Sancak is an upcoming military drama series, directed by Can Emre (Wolf) and produced by Mehmet Bozdag (Kurulus Osman).

The show is set in the year 2025; as the energy and climate crisis worsens around the world, global superpowers aim to control the remaining energy basins with proxy wars using mercenaries and private militias.

“The planned destabilization of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus increases the size of the threat to the homeland day by day. There is only one bright region in this dark picture. Turkey…” – Al Sancak synopsis, via Dizilah.

As Turkey becomes a major player in this new warfare, the government decides to form special operations teams formed from the most competent soldiers in the field within the TAF Special Forces.

“The first of these teams, “Hunter Team”, consisting of ten people, organizes military operations in the country and in different geographies of the world against dangers that openly target Turkey or touch the interests of the country.” – Al Sancak synopsis, via Dizilah.

Whilst their missions are indeed dangerous, so too is the emotional task of leaving their families and friends behind as Hunter Team travels around the world.

“The Hunter Team’s mission, under the command of Sacit Pasha, is only and only, given to fulfill a military duty by using the technical and physical opportunities generously provided by the state to eliminate the threats to Turkey.” – Al Sancak synopsis, via Dizilah.

Meet the super soldier cast of Al Sancak

The following actors have been reported to feature in the new Al Sancak series as part of the main cast:

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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