A brand new IP from the makers of Uncharted! A gigantic new look at Mass Effect 3! The next big thing from the people behind Gears of War! The new face of modern terrorism! And loads more — over a dozen trailers in all, fresh from Saturday night’s VGAs.

It probably goes without saying that most of these are violent enough to qualify as NSFW.

First up is a new downloadable title from one of my favorite developers. Last year’s Alan Wake was an underrated masterpiece that deserved so much more exposure than it got. Hopefully Alan Wake: American Nightmare will help to fix that. This new Xbox Live Arcade title — a complete standalone title; you don’t have to own the original game to play it — is a side story focusing on the mysterious “Mr. Scratch” from the first game, an “evil twin” version of Alan himself. Looks really cool.

The new game based on upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie is set in the film‘s immediate aftermath, rather than retreading the movie’s story. Based on this trailer, it looks like Peter Parker is going to put himself between an army of huge robots (built by Oscorp to fight “biological attacks” on Manhattan) that have gone awry, and innocent citizens of New York. You know, the way he does.

BioShock Infinite is still the most stunning-looking game of the year — even though we don’t yet know when it will be released. This new trailer goes the mega emo route.

Command & Conquer developer Victory Games has been gobbled up by BioWare and is now BioWare Victory. In 2013, they’re releasing the PC exclusive Command & Conquer Generals 2, and here’s your first look.

Diablo III‘s opening cinematic was revealed: a lavishly animated CGI mini movie about the arrival of the end of days.

Epic Games, the folks behind Gears of War, have wrapped up that trilogy and have finally revealed what they’re up to next: a title of a decidedly different nature than what they’ve done before. It’s called Fortnite, and the idea is that in this slightly cartoonish, stylized game world, you spend your days fortifying your home to withstand the zombies that attack at night. Take a look at the trailer to get a little taste of what Fortnite will be like.

The post-apocalyptic survival genre is all the rage (with apologies to id) these days. Naughty Dog, the creators of the Uncharted series, have come up with a brand new apocalyptic scenario that involves some kind of fungus mutating some of the population and taking over the planet. The Last of Us is set in the aftermath of this takeover, when only a fraction of mankind still alive. They spend every minute of every day in survival mode, which sounds like a very tense scenario that should lend itself to the cinematic quality storytelling that Naughty Dog is known for. The story appears to star a man and his teenage daughter. Presumably you’ll be playing as the man (though what an incredible twist it would be if you were the girl!).

Things are getting bat-crazy in the latest trailer for Mass Effect 3, which just looks more and more incredible every time we see more of it. This trailer is comprised mainly of in-game footage. Wait for the last few seconds for a truly epic action set piece.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising has gotten a new name and a new developer. And a three-minute-long trailer. Raiden’s it-cuts-through-anything sword is ready to slice and dice his enemies — both man and machine — in the redundantly subtitled Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, from Platinum Games.

Rainbow 6: Patriots is looking like the most realistic, most visceral game to ever come out of a Tom Clancy property. This one finds a brand new terrorist organization targeting the same 1% that the Occupy movement is protesting — only the terrorists are using brutal, lethal means.

Get ready for some 2-on-2 fighting action (and some serious alliteration) with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The trailer is just a live action teaser with no in-game footage.

Activision is remastering Tony Hawk Pro Skater (a la Halo: Anniversary) with higher-res graphics and you know, physics and stuff, for modern consoles. Check out the wordless, music-less trailer for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.

Oh man, oh man! The Transformers from War for Cybertron are back, and they’ve got reinforcements! And from the looks of this Gears of War-style “sad music set to climactic action” trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, they’re going to need all they help they can get in the final days of their homeworld. Any child of the 80s will understand why this one had me geeking out hard — particularly when you hit the 1:35 mark.

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