If you have been loitering around Tiktok or been around YouTube because this pandemic is making your life a little bit more miserable, you may have encountered a video or two about a game called “Among Us”. YouTube celebrities like Pewdiepie and James Charles have already garnered millions of views just streaming it on their platforms. In 2018, Among Us was initially released by InnerSloth. Since then, the game had difficulties gaining popularity.

This game was first popularized by sodapoppin and xQC, both Twitch.tv streamers. The game snowballed to fame and many other celebrities quickly joined the bandwagon and streamed their own game on some live streaming platforms. If you like spy games, then this one is for you.


“Among Us” is a space-themed game where you play as one of the crewmates who fly in a spaceship and lands on a planet or to another spaceship (depends on the map that you choose). They are just trying their best to get to a safe place, but the bad part is there are impostors among them. This game can be played by a maximum of 10 players and at the start of the game, one player will host the game. He can modify the setting such as players’ speed, number of impostors, and players’ area vision, and other settings. Once the host decides to start the game, there will be players who will be randomly selected as the impostor and the game will commence.

Now for the crewmates to win the game, they should complete the task that they are assigned. This should be an easy job, but the impostors could prevent or slow them down from completing the tasks by triggering sabotages which will be explained later on.

Another way for them to win is to identify and vote out who they think the impostors are. All the players have the capability to perform an emergency meeting during the span of the game. This may be used to check on other players if there are dead players or if someone has a suspicion towards another player. During this time, they can confer with one another and discuss it among them. This is the time where each player should convince others that they are innocent, usually by telling the group where they were before calling a meeting or the task that they were just trying to complete.

From there, people can decide who they think are lying and who are telling the truth. Other players could vouch for them if they strongly feel that they are not the impostors. That eliminates the chances of that person being voted out of the round. Of course, that approach could backfire if the player they are vouching for is an impostor. After the discussion, the voting period will start which every player could choose who they think is the impostor.

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However, they could choose to skip if they do not have any idea who are the impostors among them. Some tasks can aid the overall success of the crewmates. These are called “visual tasks” where there will be certain animation that can be seen by other players. Also, there are security cameras installed on some of the maps. The security cameras are a great advantage for the crewmates to remotely access a vision of areas where the impostors could commit a kill.

Although in Mira HQ, there are no security cameras that can be used however there are checkpoint loggers instead where the players can see where the other players passed through in the hallway. The Admin Area has a map where the players could locate where the other players are. Using this map, the crewmates could join a crowd where they think they are safe to go with and the likelihood of the crewmate to be killed is lower than going solo.

For the impostors to win, there are three ways.

First is they could kill all the crewmates. All the impostors have the capability to kill any crewmates except their co-impostor. If a player is killed, they will leave a corpse where another player could report the body and trigger a meeting. However, those players who were killed can no longer join discussions among them.

Another way for the impostors to win is to trigger an oxygen depletion or a reactor meltdown sabotages. Once any of these is triggered, the crewmates have only a limited time to repair and fix this crisis. This can be an opportunity for the impostors to kill any crewmate or perhaps distract them from finding one.

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And lastly, they could convince the other players to vote out crewmates. The impostors have the capability also to break down the lights. This is also a good chance for them to tactically kill a crewmate since the area of vision of the crewmates will be decreased to almost none.

The impostors could deliberately close the door to trap any crewmates inside or prevent them from entering a certain area on the map. This is a great way to prevent any approaching player that may see any dead body or prevent the crewmates from escaping from the impostors.

And lastly, the impostors could disrupt the communications for them to prevent the crewmates to see the task and the completion taskbar. There are vents where the impostors could quickly jump into and transfer from one place to another or just basically hide. Impostors can wait and prey on a crewmate then surprise them by having a vent kill.
The game can be played on three different maps. Upon starting the game, the host can choose which map the players could play on. The maps that can be chosen are The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Polus.

The Maps

All the maps have their advantages and disadvantages for both crewmates and impostors. The Mira HQ map does not have any cameras, they must find another way to find out who the impostors are. Also, all the vents in this map are interconnected so the impostors could easily transfer to a place where they think they cannot be seen after doing a kill. The Skeld and Polus maps have doors that can be closed by the impostors, unlike Mira HQ. In Polus, the vents have no cover which visually can be seen opening and closing by any players. It is important to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the maps.

This game has been known to entertain people all around the globe. It garnered popularity from the countries in Asia, America, and even Europe. Due to this popularity, the developers have initially planned to create another version of this game entitled “Among Us 2”. However, they postponed the project and decided to just focus the development on the current version. Hopefully, we can see an expansion of this game.


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