An Overanalysis of Modern Warfare 2 Dive Signals

There probably is no point to what I’m about to disclose, but I do want to point out that it bothered me just a little bit. If you’ve played Modern Warfare you will remember the opening scene where Roach’s squad of Navy Seals infiltrate an oil tanker being used as a SAM site in order to get to the Gulag. There were two seal teams making their way to the bottom of the rig. As the player, your DPV was released first, was brought into a U turn and caught up with the second team that was jettisoned afterward.

It was at that particular moment that the pilot of the other vehicle looks at your pilot, makes the thumbs up sign, to which your pilot responds with an “I’m OK.” That’s when I felt uncomfortable. As a trained diver, the thumbs up sign is always taught to mean “let’s surface” whereas the “I’m OK” signal was demonstrated correctly by the other pilot. This “mistake” is something all dive instructors point out to beginners as the thumbs up sign comes naturally to mean OK!

You can argue of course that they do eventually surface, but not after several more meters, which negates the whole point of the Seal Team pilot. If you watch the entire cut scene, the thumbs up sign is made once more by your team, but only once the DPV’s are ditched right underneath the rig.

There are to my knowledge three bigger diving schools around the world (PADI, NAUI, CMAS) and to be honest there really isn’t much difference in the overall training as it isn’t about the school, it’s the teacher. To my knowledge though, the thumbs up hand gesture always means “let’s go up.”

So I did a bit of research and yeah as it turns out, the diver signs that are being taught to recreational divers is accurate to my observation. OK, cool. But then it hit me — these are navy divers, so the hand signals might be different, in the same way that professional divers wear some of their gear differently (they’d breathe through the spare octopus and keep the main regulator inserted on a necklace — this is because a buddy out of air will panic and naturally reach for the regulator on your mouth, allowing you to use the main reg afterward).

My research was right. Apparently, navy divers alternate the “I’m OK” signal with either a thumbs up or the making a circle out of your index and thumb.

Soooo, who cares right? This is Forever Geek, and if we don’t try to push the bar and over analyze everything, then we’re doing a huge disservice to our beloved readers.

And that’s it. OK, moving on now.

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