Andrew Lancaster's Taxidermy Creations - the Weirdest Things You'll See This Week

Have you been feeling a little bored lately with all that you find online? Are you up for a little bit of weirdness that might just bring that spark you are seeking from your daily browsing? If so, then I have the perfect set of photos to show you on this gloomy Monday. (I envy those of you who are enjoying the sunshine today.)

Andrew Lancaster’s taxidermy creations are out of this world, and I really had to think long and hard if I should write about Lancaster’s work today. Basically, his idea is based on creating hybrids of creatures. He skins, preserves, and stuffs dead animals just like any other taxidermist, but he goes one step further by combining the animal parts. Sometimes, he uses “props” like dolls. Then it gets really weird. I know I keep using the “W” word today, but just take a look at these photos, and you’ll see where I am coming from.

Now is that weird or what? I particularly find the use of doll parts really, really disturbing, but I guess I am not alone in that.

In case you’re wondering if Lancaster is some sort of sick guy who takes pleasure in killing animals, think again. He has been doing this work for two years, but he has actually found a way to get his specimens without killing them himself. One word: roadkill.

He is British but moved to New Zealand 14 years ago. Upon moving, he narrates that he noticed a lot of dead things on the road while driving. Instead of leaving the carcasses there to rot, he decided to pick them up and make good use of them. Now he has gained a bit of following because of his work. As Lancaster himself says, some people think his work is sick, while others think it’s brilliant.

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Personally, I wouldn’t call it sick, but I have to admit that I would not keep looking at the photos of his creation. I could very well imagine these creatures alive and scaring the living heck out of people in science fiction stories, though.

If you do want to see more though, visit his Facebook page. ((Facebook Page)) Oh, and yes, you can purchase Andrew Lancaster’s taxidermy creations in case this is your kind of thing.

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