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Most people who are fans of science fiction appreciate the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep for many reasons, all valid. One, the amazing, life changing Philip K. Dick novel showed us all the true lengths A.I may go (long before many even knew what the term meant) when or if it is to ever become sentient and life like. Other fans know this novel from it’s stellar film adaptation, Blade Runner. But both are fantastic, and unique creatures unto themselves (also let it be know, Dick’s favorite adaptation of his work upon the time of his death, as he died while it was being made but he loved everything he saw up to his passing).

Though most do know the story via the Harrison Ford movie, if you have not taken the time to ever read the book or wanna kill some time right now in a cool way most wouldn’t, you should listen to this audio play of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep, starring the vocal talents of James Purefoy (who I had a few talks with over time and is an intelligent and humble man) and Jessica Raine. It captures the essence of the story in a way all true Blade Runner fans need to experience if they dare even call themselves fan. Plus, side note, radio plays are badass and cooler than audio books.

One final note, let it be known the rename (Blade Runner) may sound cool and work with the movie, the original name is not only one of the greatest titles ever conceived but the birth of a modern philosophical question we must pray we never know the answer to.

(Via JamesPurefoyNews)

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