There are millions of crazy talented artists in the world. But none are so beloved as the crazy skilled animation artists who work on our favorite movies & TV shows.

Animation artists play many roles in the production process from storyboard artists to background painters and character designers.

If you’re looking for some art inspiration to liven up your Instagram feed then this list is for you. These animation artists span the gamut with a wide range of styles and backgrounds to dig into.

But if you love animation and art in general then you’ll find yourself following almost everyone in this list.

1. Tony Bancroft


Disney artist Tony Bancroft is one of the most well-known animators around.

He’s worked on some of Disney’s biggest hits like Aladdin, Mulan, and The Lion King. His artwork is also phenomenal since he’s been making art professionally for decades.

His industry experience is something you can easily see with a quick glance over his work.

2. Sarah Marino


Nickelodeon artist Sarah Marino is another big name is the animation world.

Her Instagram following is a bit smaller than Tony’s. But her artwork is just as inspiring with plenty of candid shots of Sarah at work.

If you’ve ever wanted a peek into an artist’s life working at Nick Animation then certainly give Sarah a follow.

3. Christina Chang


Story artist Christina Chang currently works for Cartoon Network and has a brilliant style all her own.

You can find some really fun work on her Instagram if you’re in the browsing mood. Many of her drawings are posted in black & white since that’s fairly common for storyboarding and even comics.

A fun artist to follow who actually updates every so often.

4. Aaron Blaise


Long time Disney artist Aaron Blaise is absolutely stellar. His work is beyond comparison and he’s gotta be one of the most talented animation artists producing consistent work.

His Instagram currently totals over 180k followers with new posts weekly(sometimes daily!)

Aaron also has a great site with art videos, brushes, and resources for aspiring animators. You can check that out at and even find a few other profiles where you can follow Aaron online.

5. Louie del Carmen


Louie del Carmen is a brilliant story artist who currently works at Disney Animation.

He’s got a lot of experience in the art world and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Much of his artwork focuses on quick sketches and human figure poses but there’s a lot of ideas to gather just by looking over his work.

6. Spencer Epps


Visual development artist Spencer Epps constantly shares oodles of inspirational drawings & paintings on his Instagram.

This is one artist you’ll definitely want to follow if you’d like to expand your sphere of art influence.

Each artist has their own unique style and Spencer’s is one you can stare at for hours.

7. Valerie Garnace


Storyboard artist Valerie Garnace also works in animation but with a focus on the story side.

You can follow Valerie’s work on Instagram @bucketofrobots. There’s a lot of fun stuff mixed in covering fan art and more casual drawings too.

8. Mark Kennedy


Disney story artist Mark Kennedy often posts practice pieces to his Instagram throughout the month.

These include figure drawings and quick pose sketches along with warmups. But there’s also a lot of cool illustration work you can find if you sift through his IG account.

9. Jason Deamer

The brilliant character designer and art director Jason Deamer has a ton of sweet drawings on his Instagram account.

These range from quick sketches to more detailed paintings and a whole mix of everything in between. Some may like his quirky posts, others maybe not so much.

But if you’re into crazy artwork then Jason’s posts are sure to please.

10. Cory Toomey


Animation artist Cory Toomey has worked on quite a few shows in his day. You can check out his personal Instagram for a mix of artwork and personal photos.

Or you can follow his Ed, Edd n Eddy account @dawn_of_the_eds where he posts official production artwork used by the show. Pretty cool!

Both accounts are worth following if you’re a fan of animation.

11. Brittney Lee


Artist Brittney Lee has a very unique style and shares a lot of print/traditional work beyond her digital drawings.

But she’s also a wildly popular artist on Instagram garnering almost 200k followers.

Oh and did I mention she sells artwork on Etsy too? This is definitely one busy artist.

12. Bonnie Branson


Bonnie Branson is a background painter who does a lot of BG work for animation.

You can find her on Instagram @artbonnie publishing handfuls of new paintings and creative backgrounds.

Her work is some of the best I’ve seen for layouts and it really stands out in the realm of animation background painting & layout design.

13. Bill Schwab


Disney art director Bill Schwab deserves a follow if you’re even remotely interested in animation.

Whether you love to draw as a hobby or if you consider it a true career, either way Bill’s work is sure to delight. He has a unique style all his own but frequently posts drawings of many different characters that he designs.

14. Mallory Carlson


Animation artist Mallory Carlson currently works as a background painter for WB animation.

And one look over her Instagram account should prove she’s got the skills for that kinda job. Her previous work includes projects with Disney Television and Nickelodeon so she’s been involved all over the animation industry.

Really great artist with a brilliant eye for design & color.

In truth I’d say all of these artists deserve a follow on Instagram. Especially if you’re a true-blue animation lover.

But don’t stop at this list! Take a look around Instagram to see if you can find any other incredible artists to fill up your feed.

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