Monsters come in all sizes and shapes. From large-sized blue ones — to tiny green ones — we’ve seen all sorts of caricature monsters cross our screens — even ones with gorgeous faces and curvaceous frames!

Back in the day, monsters were purely viewed as scary beings … that however, has radically changed over the years. Anime monster girls, for instance, come equipped with looks that will make almost any male happy to perish by their titillating hands.

The following monster girls are the epitome of the phrase, “Looks can be deceiving.” So watch your six … as we present to you the top ten hottest anime monster girls.

Top 10 Anime Monster Girls

10. Mitsuyo Akechi — A Centaur’s Worries

monster girls anime
Photo: Tumblr

To rollout our top Anime Monster Girls list is the mighty ram-horned Mitsuyo Akechi. We outright love her cheeky personality, and she’s one of the few extant LGBT anime characters. Her beau, Inukai, is an alicorn-horned girl that cares for her very much—in spite of her Mitsuyo teasing and flirting with other girls all the time.

9. Miya Asama — Sekirei

monster girls anime
Photo: Softland

Top dog in Sekirei, Miya Asama‘s nickname is ‘Hannya of the North’ and you better not dare to even get near her bad side! Her strength is so widely known, that Karasuba even fears her saying that she is from a varying dimension.

Aside from having incredible speed and strength, her swordsmanship is undefeatable — so much so, that the shock wave from her sword alone is able to sink multiple battleships! We like too how she keeps her identity a secret from others in order to live a serene and peaceful life.

8. Lala Satalin Deviluke — To Love-Ru

monster girls anime
Photo: Oh My Dollz

Lala Satalin Deviluke‘s implacable enthusiasm is the thing about her we admire most. A passive exploiter of “I reject your reality and substitute my own”, Lala is braced to totally ignore anything bad that’s going on, or anything that’s going on at all, and substitute it with whatever she is very thrilled about in that moment — and we love that!

Lala too possesses a purity and near child-like innocence, never casting judgement or looking down on others. This compassion along with her persistently upbeat nature, in our eyes, makes Lala a monster girls anime deity.

7. Himari — OmaHima

monster girls anime
Photo by: Steam Community

There’s one of our favorite anime monster girls … sinking her teeth into life, literally! Himari Noihara‘s buxom figure, swaying hip-length long black hair with a blue tint (or a long ponytail with a pink bow keeping it in place), is enough to make even females acclaim her resplendence.

Nonetheless, her expert swordsmanship, cat instincts, superhuman abilities (e.g. transformation, strength, agility, and endurance), extensive knowledge and famed “berserker mode” — makes even the top unconventional warfare specialists look like one-hour-old puppies. And when it comes to someone hurting a loved one — look out — she will kill them, unreservedly, in cold blood.

6. Haruna — Is This A Zombie?

monster girls anime
Photo: We Heart It

Anime monster girls like Haruna, are the reason why we we heart anime (hence the gif!). Additionally, she appears to be obsessed with fried eggs (and like, who doesn’t love fried eggs!), and is very good at producing them.

And though most of the things she does don’t turn out correct, Haruna likes to call herself a ‘genius.’ We love that because it exhibits her confidence and apathy towards life. She too only remembers what she dubs interesting and disregards everything else (i.e. important details of assignments, people’s names, etc) — and frankly, aren’t we are like that to a degree? Gotta respect her candor.

5. Koneko Toujou — High School DxD

monster girls anime
Photo: Imgur

Koneko Toujou can endure hardship or pain without displaying her feelings or complaining — and that alone is why she comes in at number five on our list. Like, who doesn’t want to be like that! In addition, she’s the one that inflicts the most violent punishment to Issei whenever he is acting depraved.

Her monster like strength in spite of her petite appearance, is why she’s our hero. She doesn’t care for people calling her a midget, or flat (with reference to her chest size). Issei often says that Koneko is a ‘work in progress’ (referring to her small bust) often leading to a brutal beating.

4. Sakie Sat? — Interviews With Monster Girls

monster girls anime
Photo: Amino Apps

A demon in female form, Sakie Sat?, works as a math teacher. Because of the aphrodisiac her body produces, she continually has to take precautions to avoid unwittingly seducing her male students, such as sporting a tracksuit to conceal her body and taking earlier scheduled trains to avert crowds of men.

With that said … you see exactly why Sakie made it to our list! And while her alluring nature leads multiple males to become attracted to her, she herself develops a crush only on the person she thinks is immune to her aphrodisiac effect (Tetsuo) … typical ladies, right? *snicker*

3. Kanna Kamui — Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

monster girls anime
Photo: Gifbin

Next to the word “Cute” in the dictionary should be a picture of Kanna Kamui. It’s not just her bright purple hair — or her expressive, big blue eyes — or her light, prankster-styled personality — or her impish sense of humor — too, she possesses 4 horns that resemble a bow, and she has the cutest little puffy ball tail!

She looks like a baby-face elementary school student, with a massive bow in her hair that rarely displays emotion and eats electricity. Due to her adorableness when she cries, she can readily make the world bend to her will … and that friends, is why she is our third fav monster girls anime character.

2. Mizore Shirayuki — Rosario + Vampire

monster girls anime
Photo: Gfycat

Mizore Shirayuki is a bit peculiar, but totally awesome! Her hiding in various locations (e.g. under tables, in bushes and at times within furniture) and seen stalking, is oftentimes jazzed up for comedic effects. We too love the hysterical arguments she gets into with Kurumu Kurono.

Whether she’s preventing Tsukune and Moka from sharing tender moments together by chucking ice projectiles at them — or, popping up out of the blue in seemingly unfeasible places — Mizore rules and rocks (synchronously, of course).

1. Papi — Monster Musume

monster girls anime
Photo: Tenor

Papi takes bird brain to a whole new level and … who doesn’t love an airhead! It’s inconceivable to think she’s really as old as the rest. Her dampish hair, racy tube top and booty shorts brings out the sensuality secreting behind her infantile exterior (harpies have evolved with slimmer, smaller bodies to allow flight and broadly have a much less mature manner than other races).

Her interactions are all babyish and sometimes maternal around people younger than her and Suu. Humorous how she too has the FUNNIEST freakin’ scenes in the series early on—ice cream, the full moon, bathroom, and the egg laying. In summary, Papi is the best!


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