Anime To Look Forward To

By Nopy

Winter is ending and spring is almost here, and that means that there will be some new anime coming out very soon. As usual, there’s a lot to choose from when deciding what to watch, but there are three anime that will no doubt please a lot of people.

Angel Beats

Set in the afterlife in a school dedicated to helping the dead pass on to heaven, Angel Beats is about a group of students that attempt to rebel against God and his angels. One of the characters, Yurippe, has some similarities to Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but you can be assured that the plot will not be the same. The story for Angel Beats was written by Jun Maeda, who also worked on the stories for Kanon, AIR, Clannad, and Little Busters, all of which were very successful visual novels/anime. If you’ve seen/read/played any of those titles, then you will know how hard it’d be not to get emotional over it. Angel Beats is expected to have a story that’s just as good as any of those titles and is probably the most anticipated anime of the season.

Black Rock Shooter

With a character design that seems to be based off of the virtual idol Miku Hatsune, Black Rock Shooter (BRS) will finally be getting its first anime episode this season. The anime is about a girl that tries to stop her sister from destroying the world, but the main selling point isn’t the plot. What many people are looking forward to in BRS are the action scenes as there are sure to be many, and the unique character designs by the artist Huke. You can see a sample of the animation on youtube.


K-ON Season 2

Yes, the second season of K-ON will begin airing this spring. The second season will be a continuation of the first, with the light music club carrying on with their usual antics. I don’t think there’s a need to explain the anime since everyone knows what it is. There are rumors that there will be a new character, but as of now no one has confirmed or denied this.

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