Apple, when their popularity works against them

I love Apple products, I bought my first iBook early 2004 and have been a 100% Apple user since then. I even allow myself the OS X vs. Windows discussion now and then with friends. But since the iPod made Apple more mainstream then niche it has grown in users outside the hardcore longtime Apple users.

What follows is a rant against the current culture of complaining about a gadget but then buying it all together. Brought on by the release of the iPad and the recent leak of the iPhone 4G. Basically all Apple products.

The biggest consequence of Apple becoming mainstream is the mindless bitching by users about every little and not so little thing. Apple is becoming Microsoft in that aspect, complains and more complains. While some are funded the ones getting the most attention are the mindless ones.

The iPad

For years users had wanted an tablet from Apple, meanwhile other manufacturers haven’t done much if anything either about tablets. HP very conveniently waited for Apple to release before them.

So the most awaited tablet since Mozes came down the mountain with the 10 commandments tablet is presented. It is received with delight worldwide, till some facts drop, like no flash support. There was so many weblog, articles and tweets complaining about this fact it was like people getting angry because Windows doesn’t ship with IE 6 anymore. And all I keep thinking is why such a drama?

I don’t know about you but flash annoys the hell out of me, except when it’s my WordPress media up-loader. Do you know how many flash banners pop up on my screen every day, most are badly coded so they are stuck on the content. Other sites are so full of it I want to recommend the hospital to replace EEG tests with just showing people some badly coded flash filled websites.

So understandably I could not feel for people getting angry and having countless discussion why it’s wrong for Apple to ignore flash. Then came the day iPad went for sale, 300.000 iPads where sold as of April 4th. I guess the lack of flash wasn’t that an issue after all, huh?

Then Gizmodo had to spoil Christmas

Yes I get it, getting your hands on a prototype for the most awaited product is jackpot. I mean they are running a business that depends on viewership, no site would let this chance pass. But it does make me as an Apple fan girl a bit disappointed.

I’m looking forward for the release of the iPhone 4G, I loved reading everyday speculations of what news it might bring. Getting excited, just like Christmas, you see all those gifts under the tree and your imagination runs wild. Well Christmas was just spoiled, we know for the most part what the iPhone 4G will bring unless Apple makes some last minute changes to it. And when Steve Jobs walks on stage to present the next generation iPhone the fun of that is also gone.

And of course the users opinion gate has opened again; “The iPhone 4G is ugly”, “I hope it has a decent camera” and “I rather have an aluminum back”. You see how we keep going round like that with the last comment. Everyone forgetting the keyword here, prototype, a product that is not yet final and might change before final product.

I guess these are the facts of a commercial world, the most wanted products are held at high expectations. The more users you get the more negative comments you have to expect. Leaks will always be a realistic risk for any company producing a much wanted product. All part of the game.

But a part of me feels we take thing too seriously, if you really don’t like that flash is missing or that the design is not rounded enough, don’t buy it. No company will be able to meet all users demand in one product.

As a geek and gadget lover I have my negative comments too about what is lacking or could be better in a gadget. But I don’t stop the press, rant about it everywhere and then proudly show off the newly bought said gadget.

Side note: about Gizmodo leaking the iPhone 4G I can’t judge them because I don’t know if I would say no to such an opportunity. But to publicly humiliate the guy who lost the phone? Not cool, not cool at all. Brad Colbow made an excellent comic about that.

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