Apple's new iPod line

If you thought that the iPod line had already expanded enough then think again, as Apple has just announced it’s new lineup, and expands the line with one more product called the iPod Touch.

Most of the designs of these new iPods are exactly as you’d expect them to be, but the new iPod Nano seems to be raising a few eyebrows. In the following paragraphs I’ll take a look at all the new, or refreshed iPods and all of their main features.

iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle was the only player that didn’t receive any relevant modifications. The only thing that changed in the iPod Shuffle was it’s color. It is now available in 4 different colors, one of them being red, from the Product Red campaign.

iPod Nano

For the first time in Apple history, the new “younger brother” of the iPod is bigger than it’s predecessor, but for a good reason. According to Steve, a lot of people wanted to watch videos on their iPod Nanos. So Apple cooked up a new Nano which is wider than before, but crams a very nice and high DPI 2″ screen, and all of the features which were exclusive to the iPod 5.5 before.

A few days before it’s unveiling, a picture started circulating the internet about a possible “Fat iPod Nano”, and it appears that that picture, and all of the claims made before it (“screen occupies 50% of the player”, “it’s wider than before…”) were all true.

Unlike most iPods before it, the new Nano’s design isn’t that attractive at first. I think that it takes a while to grow on you, since you probably associate the image of the Nano as a very slim and thin device.

In terms of storage, the new Nano will be available in 4GB and 8GB models, but the 4GB will only be available in metal gray, while the others will have all of the colors seen above.

The software is a bit more appealing now, and showcases your album artwork while you’re browsing the menus on the right side of the screen. You can also browse your pictures using Coverflow, which looks as great as ever. The only difference is that the iPod’s Coverflow has a white background.

You can also purchase and use the games that you could with your 5th generation iPod. Although that’s not a feature that I find particularly attractive, I guess it’s nice to finally be able to play some different games on the go. The iPod Nano comes with three built-in.

iPod Classic

One of the things that Steve mentioned, is that a lot of people give the iPod it’s own name, and refer to it by it’s generation number. With this iteration of the iPod, they decided to give it a name, so it is now called iPod Classic.

Besides having an all-metal finish, similar to the Nano’s, this new iPod has an incredible storage capacity. The low-end model comes with an 80GB disk, and the high end model, which costs $100 more, comes with a 160GB disk. This means that the high end iPod now comes with as much, if not more storage than all Apple laptops (and with more storage than my own laptop!).

iPod Touch

Grab an iPhone, take out the phone functions and… voilá! iPod Touch.

It comes with Safari, just like with the iPhone, and YouTube also. And you can also purchase music from the brand new iTunes Wifi Music Store. This new feature will also be available on the iPhone at the end of this month. And if you head down to a Starbucks with Wifi, you’ll be able to purchase the song currently being played there or use the iTunes Music Store on your iPod Touch or iPhone for free.

(No matter how many times I look at it, Starbucks seems to be getting the better end of the deal)

The iPod Touch will be available in 8GB and 16GB models.


No, the iPhone didn’t get a fresh design. Come on, it’s only been two months since it’s release! It did however receive a surprising price drop to $399 (the 8GB model) and the 4GB has been dropped. If you run to a local Apple or At&t store, you can purchase the 4GB model for $299.

Oh, and I almost forgot. At the end of this month, you will be able to create ringtones via iTunes from any song you have with a simple custom editor. It will cost $.99 (yes, the same price as the whole song).

You can find complete coverage of this and everything Apple related at our sister blog, Apple Gazette.

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