Are You Paying More for Spotify Than Other People Around the World?

Most of the controversy around Spotify tends to come when musicians question how much money they actually earn from the millions of streams they get on there, but get ready for some potential outrage as a consumer. With 130 million people from 78 countries around the world paying to subscribe to Spotify’s catalog of 45 million songs, do you know how much these subscription fees vary from place to place?

The bad news if you live in Denmark is that you’re losing out in a global sense, paying the most for Premium at an equivalent of $14.39 a month. If that doesn’t seem too bad, compare it to the $1.58 they pay in India. Of course, there are different economic factors in every country that affect how much Spotify charges, and the best deal as a percentage of national average salary is in Qatar, where a subscription would account for just 0.1% of your monthly income, compared to 3.9% in Nicaragua.

Better news for most people is that generally Spotify is good value for money as a percentage of salaries around the world and it’s usually in the poorer countries where a subscription takes a bigger chunk of your wages. In the USA for example, it’s a mere 0.23% of the average salary, which is definitely an expense most people can justify, while the percentages are noticeably bigger in Central American countries like Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala.

There’s a big difference in neighboring countries in South America, where Argentineans are getting their tunes for just 0.41% of their average salary, compared to the 2.73% being paid by music lovers in Bolivia, where the average wage is much lower. We all love having a huge music library on our phones to take with us wherever we go, but it definitely seems like the decision to get a Spotify subscription is much bigger one in some countries than others.

Why not see how much you’re paying compared to people around the world?

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