Are You Ready for the Moss Invaders?

All sorts of theories about alien beings invading the earth have been concocted over the years, and I am pretty sure that there has been at least one story written with moss as the invading life form. What Kimi Spencer and Marko Manriquez have created is not meant to cause fright and paranoia about aliens taking over our planet, though. The two have given urban art – a.k.a. graffiti – a different twist. Instead of spray paint and other “traditional” materials, Spencer and Manriquez are using moss to create a different kind of art, which was showcased at the ITP Winter Show 2010.

The use of moss is not only for aesthetic value, but for something more practical. Moss has traditionally been known to function as a carbon sequester, an air particulate filter, a humidity regulator, and as an antimicrobial agent. One can only imagine that with enough moss, the air in the city just might be a tad better. More than that, the graffiti has sensors embedded in them – sensors that can be used to monitor the air quality in the vicinity. And, to add a little fun, the moss makes 8-bit sounds when touched. Who can resist 8-bit sounds coming from moss shaped like this?

Spencer and Manriquez have been working at this project for a while now, and they provide more information in their blog. In a post published back in October, Marko features tactical moss graffiti and how the moss can be used to monitor environmental conditions in urban areas. You can even make your own! ((Source: Marko Manriquez))

The next time that you feel the urge to get some spray paint, consider making some moss graffiti instead.

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