Gamers know that Microsoft scored a “coup” of sorts by cornering the downloadable content for such hits as Grand Theft Auto IV and Fallout 3. The deal it struck with Rock Star Games and Bethesda is that DLCs for the two games will only be made available on the Xbox 360 — much to the disappointment of Playstation 3 fans. Of course, this agreement is not without any financial weight for the game company. Microsoft reportedly paid $25 million for each GTA IV DLC. A really big amount if you think about it.

Microsoft has insisted that the DLCs will only be available for its console but timed exclusivity was never mentioned or even discussed. And this gray area may have been the reason for the recent reports that the GTAIV DLCs will come to the PS3 this coming August. According to various European sites, Microsoft only has a six month exclusivity deal for the DLC, and this will expire in August — which means PS3 gamers will get their hands on the DLC soon after the exclusivity agreement lapses.

Although Sony and Take-Two Interactive (publisher of the game) declined to comment Microsoft, uncharacteristically enough for the company, issued a statement that the GTAIV DLCs “are exclusive to Xbox 360.” It may sound like a firm statement but there are still people who interpret this statement as Microsoft skirting the actual issue of exclusivity, which in fairness, the company did not address conclusively.

I guess we’ll see in August if there really is an exclusivity agreement that will lapse.

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