Are you up for tech investments?

Motley Fool has an article on investing in tech stocks, citing Google, Apple, and even Sandisk as potentially profitable companies. The article is aimed mostly at beginners, and those considering putting some money into tech investments. Some would say it’s the 1990’s all over again, with the tech investments becoming more popular (and with the possibility of a ‘Net bubble ever growing and to burst sometime, perhaps). But I personally think it’s a whole different ball game today. Investors, VCs, tech companies and entrepreneurs have grown more mature. Heck, even the Internet is more mature (Web 2.0 anyone?).

Over the following years, the stock would go up and down, sometimes significantly, but I kept holding on. And overall, it mainly went up, and it split and split. I remember checking my portfolio very regularly — several times a day! — to see how rich I was becoming. I think that near the stock’s peak, I was in possession of a 70-bagger! My $3,000 investment had become worth $210,000. If it doubled in value only two more times, I’d be (almost) a millionaire! All from a measly $3,000 investment.

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