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If you’re a geek, I’m sure you’ve heard dozens of people tell you that you need to get away from the computer/stop spending so much time on the computer/go outside, what have you. Maybe you even feel this way yourself sometimes. After a bit of research I have found a few craft projects that are geek-worthy, but can still be related to geekdom enough to be interesting. They require a little creativity, they aren’t electronic, and there aren’t any buttons to push or screens to look at.

Pixel Beads or Bead Sprites

According to this article at Insert Credit, you can easily create your favorite NES-era video game character with melty plastic beads called “fuse beads” (or several variations thereof). Basically you take a peg board, and place little plastic tubular beads on the pegs in the shape of Mario or Sonic, then put some wax paper on top and melt the beads together with an iron. Looks like fun to me, though my wife would kill me if I brought home a bucket of 22,000 plastic beads…

For supplies, check out Perler Beads for the best selection on the ‘net. Or you can probably pick them up at Hobby Lobby or Toys-R-Us or any other crafty store.

Pixel Blocks

If beads don’t do it for you, take your crafts into the 3rd dimension with Pixel Blocks. Pixel blocks are basically translucent legos that you can put together in any way you want. Check out some samples at ThinkGeek.

Silly Putty

Then there’s the good old silly putty, which has changed a lot since I had the plain old flesh-colored kind when I was a kid. Now they have glow in the dark silly putty, glitter silly putty, magnetic silly putty, heat-sensitive color changing silly putty, etc. To prove the geek-worthiness of silly putty, just read this and the rest of the silly putty tips.

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