The popular deck building game, Ascension is no stranger at Forevergeek. So when we fond out that a certain Alan Gerding planned an Ascension Wedding Proposal to his girlfriend Crystol Shelton, we were absolutely delighted.

Alan contacted Justin Gary’s crew asking for help. He wanted to do an elaborate wedding proposal during one of their gaming sessions. It appears that Ascension was the all time game of choice between the couple. For those unfamiliar with the game, we’ve done three features here:

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer
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Watch the proposal below. Alan caught everything on his Flip camera. The video is hilarious because Crystol was too stunned to even notice the ring.

Alan wanted to surprise his girlfriend by having a special card constructed which he was to shuffle into the deck. The guys from Gary Games were glad to oblige and they developed a card, illustrated by Eric Sabee himself, a staple artist throughout the Ascension series. He was able to capture Alan and Crystol’s faces into the card.

Ring of Gerd was the card they developed under Alan’s careful guidance. It’s crafted in the style of the Lifebound faction (makes sense) with their faces captured in Sabee fashion.

The flavor text is romantic-geeky: “Crystol, life is but a game. As long as we have one another, we shall never lose.” Ring of Gerd gives infinite LOVE and can never be discarded or banished.

Gary Games also created a promotional card for actual play called Ring of Life which will be made available this February at Game Day Locations.

As a card, Ring of Life is especially useful if you build your deck around Lifebound cards. Not only does it give you one extra white for casting, it also becomes useful for drawing more cards when used in tandem with the new Unite ability in Storm of Souls. If you go Lifebound, you’ll be able to draw through your deck much faster while gaining Victory Points / whites when you draw cards like Lionheart and Starchild. The ring converts all heroes into Lifebound heroes allowing you to expand your casting pool and gaining points. You’ll definitely steamroll through you deck.

Once again, congratulations to Alan and Crystol!

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