Ashneer Grover is notably absent from Shark Tank India season 2 and he has now hinted at the reason why he was replaced.

Shark Tank India is back, having premiered its second season on January 2, but not everyone is happy with the sharks circling the new business ventures.

Ashneer Grover and Ghazal Alagh have been replaced with Amit Jain, the co-founder and CEO of the CarDekho platform, with Grover’s absence in particular causing a stir online.

Now, the popular businessman has hinted at why he has not featured on Shark Tank India season 2; here is everything that we know so far.

Why is Ashneer Grover not on Shark Tank India season 2?

Neither Ashneer Grover, nor the showrunners at Shark Tank India have publicly stated why the businessman has been replaced in season 2; however, the straight-talking 40-year-old has been dropping numerous hints online.

In an interview with Red FM, via The Indian Express, Grover was asked whether his absence from Shark Tank India season 2 was due to money; to which Grover replied, “Affordability is not only due to money, it is due to status.”

Grover would then appear on the Vagehra Vagehra podcast, via Jagran, and explain in the form of a metaphor: “I won’t go into detail, but it’s simple. If Kohli plays for a small team and hits 300 runs, he will dominate the game. It’s time for him to play for India next. Not to take anything away from the other sharks, but I dominated the show.”

“What’s true is true. But look at the show’s format. Someone comes and pitches their idea to you, and you offer them a sum of money. I fought last year about this, because people would favour other sharks over me even though I was giving them a better deal. This year, they’d have come and slashed their prices to get into business with me. Wouldn’t that be unfair?” – Ashneer Grover, via Jagran.

Interestingly, The Indian Express also reports how Ashneer was asked whether or not he had been approached to feature on another TV series, specifically Bigg Boss; a rumur that Grover was quick to shoot down.

“You will never see me on that show. Failed individuals go on that show, not successful people… There was a time when I used to watch the show, but I feel it’s become stale now. They approached me, I said sorry, not happening.” – Ashneer Grover, via The Indian Express.

What can be said for certain is that fans of Shark Tank India have been quick to voice their opinion on Grover’s absence in season 2, which premiered on January 2.

One fan wrote, “Shark Tank India without Ashneer Grover is a Jellyfish Tank” with another adding, “Idk about y’all, but Shark Tank India seems incomplete without Ashneer Grover.”

“Without @Ashneer_Grover on Shark Tank India, it’s just a bunch of rich people sitting around trying to look important… It’s like a business meeting without the brains….” – Fan comment, via Twitter.

“What Shark Tank India S2 felt like: Family Business. Need more mature people like Peeyush on the show. Absence of Ashneer Grover & upGrad was visible” commented one fan.

“Respect for @Ashneer_Grover has become 100x while watching Shark Tank India S2. It’s not looking genuine, natural, honest as S1 Overacting lag rhi hai, Wahi industry ka gunda hu wale, S1 dialogue. #SharkTankIndiaS2 is nothing without Ashneer Grover.” – Fan comment, via Twitter.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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