Asus E-Brand Expanding to Desktops and TV's

By Dave

By now, I am sure everyone has heard of the Asus Eee, a brand that has been selling a fair number of small, portable laptops for the company.

I have been eyeing a their Eee line in hopes of having a really great blogging machine on the go. Something light, and reasonable for typing up stories no matter where I am travelling.

Next, it seems like they will be creating a desktop computer, all-in-one monitor and a large LCD TV. They will all follow under the simple, basic and really cheap strategy that has been working out really well for their sub-notebooks.

The E-DT will include an Intel Celeron processor and the 945GC chipset. They are hoping to sell the computer for around $200-$300 USD and are hoping to get it to the $199 mark that will make the barrier for buying the computer ultra-low. This of course doesn’t include a monitor, and as such a decent 19” LCD will double the price of the machine. Though, if you want to keep it on the cheap, you could grab a used LCD or older CRT monitor, and have a great little internet browser for the kids.

The E-Monitor will be an all-in-one system much like the iMac and other similar computers built into LCD screens. The screens are expected to be 19 and 21-inches, and will come with a built-in TV tuner. Expect to pay around $499 USD for the E-Monitor.

Lastly, there is the E-TV, a 42” LCD television with integrated Linux-based PC functionality. The price is expected to be around $200 more than current LCD TV’s in that size range due to the extra features embedded within it.

It will be interesting to see how the market greets these products and I would bet on the E-Monitor doing the best out of the three products they plan to launch. The biggest concern I have currently will be how they design the products, and their final features. If the computer isn’t amazing, people will ignore it, as other manufacturers are coming out with their own ultra-cheap PC’s.

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