Firing Squad has a performance preview of ATI’s “next-gen” card the X1800. I don’t really like the new naming scheme, but oh well, I just can’t wait to see what these cards can do. I am still running on a Sapphire ATI 9200. *cries*

The â??upcoming desktop product launchâ? that Orton is referring to in his statement above is finally ready enough for a formal introduction, as today ATIâ??s introducing an entire family of new products ranging from the low to high-end. ATI hopes these new products will not only help them get their financials back on track, but also re-establish the leadership position they enjoyed when they first introduced the world to DX9 graphics three years ago.

The cards weâ??re taking a look at, the RADEON X1800 XL and X1800 XT, are ATIâ??s first steps in that direction. But do they deliver enough to trounce the competition?

A great article with many details and a very detailed overview. I think everyone should have a quick read of it. It should really be interesting to see what PC gaming is like in two or three years.

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