New Warriors Made, er, New?

Today sees the release of of Nova, where Sam Alexander from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (not to be confused with the Ultimate/Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man comics

Everything Changes

And in comics, ain’t that the truth! Then again, as years of fandom have taught us, plus ça change….. Barely are we over the New

Darkening The Silver Screen

So, now we have confirmation that Guillermo del Toro is working on a Justice League Dark project called Dark Universe, (oooo yeah, that will be

New Year, New Frontiers

Now that we have evaded the apocalypse, survived Christmas and struggled past the New Year celebrations, it is time to raise our eyes and look

Wanna Love

You know when you are excited about something, and that something, when it finally arrives, is somehow everything that was promised, but somehow there’s something

Valiant Comeback

This week has to be this writer’s favourite week of the month when it comes to comics shipping. Dial H for Hero, Animal Man, Earth

Adapting To Exile

Movie adaptations within comics are hardly renowned as masterpieces, as any comics and sci-fi fan of any experience will know. It is rare that one

Cataclysm Redux

Today, the second printing of Planet Of The Apes: Cataclysm #1 hits the stands, and somewhat late to the party, I would like to see