Half-Life 2 Released

The day has finally come, and Half-Life 2 is available for download on Steam, and should be in most stores. Even if you buy the

The History of Contra

A nice little history of the Contra series, from the NES up through Neo Contra for the PS2. Contra was one of the first games

The Making of Half-Life 2 - Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar

If you can’t wait a few more days for Valve to unlock Half-Life 2 (even if you “bought it”:https://www.forevergeek.com/games/buy_halflife_2_now.php already), run out and buy “this”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=twotallsocks-20&path=tg%2Fdetail%2F-%2F0761543643%3Fv%3Dglance

Real Sony PSP Battery Life - 2 hours?

Ken Kutaragi admitted in an interview with a Japanese gaming site that when playing graphically intensive games like Ridge Racer, as opposed to simple puzzle

Canon Announces Black EOS 300D

Canon has announced that they will be releasing a black-bodied version of the EOS 300D “Digital Rebel”. The 300D is the best selling Digital SLR

Bit Torrent Spam on Suprnova.org

According to Slyck News, a news site covering the file sharing community, “bit torrent spam” has recently been popping up on “Suprnova.org”:http://www.suprnova.org/, the ‘net’s largest

The History of Grand Theft Auto

For all the kids out there that think Grand Theft Auto started with GTA III for the PS2, here’s a little history lesson. The Gamespot

More Geek Halloween Costumes - Bender & Wolverine

See the making of both “Bender”:http://www.yayhooray.com/thread/16629/BENDER-BENDING-RODRIGUEZ from Futurama, and “Wolverine”:http://www.yayhooray.com/thread/17065/becoming-the-wolverine from the X-Men. Both are mighty impressive!