Backpack Calendar on the way

The guys over at 37Signals have released a video showing off the new calendar feature they are planning for Backpack. From the video, it looks

Vista Beta 2 For Everyone

Microsoft has finally released Vista Beta 2 as a custome preview, initiating its Customer Review Program. This release is numbered 5384, which is the save

Google Browser Sync

Google has released a tool for syncing information like bookmarks, history and persistant cookies between multiple copies of Firefox. Google Browser Sync for Firefox is

BootCamp With Vista

Everyone knows that you can install XP on the new Intel Macs now thanks to BootCamp. This guy was able to get Vista to install.

Google Video Player for Mac

Google has released a Mac version of its video player, which can be used to playback videos downloaded from the Google Video site. Watch videos

Google Spreadsheets

Google has inched further in to the realm of the web-based office with the launch of Google Spreadsheets. Create basic spreadsheets from scratch. You can

Slashdot Redesign Winner Announced

A few weeks ago, Slashdot czar CmdrTaco, aka Rob Malda, decided that he wanted to give the information dinosaur known as Slashdot a face lift.

CNET Launches Free Image Hosting

CNET has launched AllYouCanUpload, a free image hosting site that doesn’t require registration. Sites like PhotoBukcet have been wildly popular for those that want to