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Web 2.0 Doesn't Mean Being Lazy

The Web 2.0 hype machine is in full swing. YouTube is supposedly worth a billion dollars. Fantastic websites are popping up left and right. And

GoDaddy Sucks

Reddit this article Digg this article I’d like to write the first entry in what may turn into a series, however I haven’t decided yet.

Bathroom iPod Stereo Deck

Do you ever get bored while doing your business in the bathroom? Well, be bored no longer. There now is a stereo dock with speakers

Digg Army: Right in Line

Digg is 99% fantastic. Fast furious news, troll comments, sites being hammered to oblivion – its Slashdot for the masses! So while I was on

Link to Us

I just realized that there is no button for people to link to us with, so I used a button maker and created one. Please

Let the Posts Begin!

Well, we should be able to post again. We moved to a new server and had a few problems, but everything should be back to

Hearing Passwords

Apparently, some computer scientists at the University of California Berkeley have found a way to decipher what your password with a computer, simply by hearing