New Mutants variant cover revealed

The folks at IGN has finally revealed the variant cover for the new upcoming X title New Mutants #1 and it’s looking pretty cool. Back

Solid Snake's voice forms game studio

David Hayter. That name probably doesn’t ring a bell to some of you but anyone who’s played Metal Gear Solid will recognize that name as

Wonder Woman movie back on track?

The ongoing saga that is the development of the Wonder Woman movie is still ongoing. After being in limbo because of a number of factors

Secret Agent Clank PS2 port coming

Gamers who only own a Playstation 2 and want to play Playstation Portable games will be happy to know that one of the PSP’s best

Capcom getting flak for DLC decisions

Capcom is getting a lot of negative publicity and the ire of many gamers because of its very anti-consumer decisions with regards to the downloadable

Transformers sequel toys incoming

I haven’t been buying toys lately because I haven’t seen any new toys that has caught my fancy. The last action figure I bought was