Avalon/XAML First Look

Dave Shea has a first look at the upcoming Avalon/XAML technologies from Microsoft. From a technology perspective there really is nothing new to see here, but Dave gives some great insight at the end of the article that should have us all a bit worried:

The past couple of years of IE security problems have raised a lot of awareness about browser lock-in, and the problems that tying your application into a specific browser/operating system can later cause. Like ActiveX, in-browser XAML/Avalon appears to be a method of continuing that trend. Something tells me we won?t be seeing an Avalon player for Linux any time soon.

I’d be a whole lot more comfortable with XAML if it were strictly meant as a Windows OS rendering language. Proprietary markup on a proprietary platform is nothing to get worked up over. But the obvious web cross-over leads me to hope we’re not going to see a whole new generation of browser/OS-specific web apps. I wonder if Microsoft might be hoping for something different.

Reading the comments I was hoping to find someone say how wrong Dave is on these points, but there wasn’t any disagreement from the audience. Everyone has agreed. Does anyone in the audience here know if Dave hits the nail on the head, or is he just a bit off-base?

Closest thing I see is:

XAML isn’t for the web. It?s for designing windows applications that run on the Avalon technology. It is true that one can connect your application to the web using a technology such as Indigo but it is in no way a markup language for web browsers.

But this will not stop people from trying to create web apps with it I am sure. Also what happens in the corporate world when the IT department begins to create Avalon apps that must be run in the browser (IE)? Do you think someone is going to close IE just to open Firefox over and over again to browse the web? I would like to think so, but I am guessing the answer is no.

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