I was able to watch the movie Avatar around 2 weeks ago when it was fresh from the movie oven and I have to say, it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve watched so far. Admit it, I bet you either said, “I want to be a Na’vi!” out aloud, or thought of it secretly if you’re still hiding your geekiness, hehe.

And since I play World of Warcraft, there were just so many things from the movie that could be related to the game! From the land mounts to the flying mounts, and some of the places like the floating mountain (Hello, Nagrand!). The movie was definitely an eye-candy and a enjoyable experience for me.

But for some people, they’ve taken up their interest in the movie to whole new level!

Take this website for example, “Learn Na’vi“. Omg, you can actually learn the Na’vi language!

Na’vi is a a constructed language spoken by the fictional indigenous race (the Na’vi) on Pandora in James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar. The language was created by Paul Frommer, a professor at USC with a doctorate in linguistics. This website exists to share this beautiful language with all who want to learn.

I’ve downloaded the Na’vi Pocket Guide and it’s fascinating to see that the Na’vi language actually has some grammatical form and structure! Best to see if for yourself, haha! My eyes almost popped out of my socket as I tried to pronounce some of the words, like, “fngap” which apparently means “metal” or “tskxe” which means “rock”. Seriously, my tongue is doing a lot of acrobatics just trying to pronounce those words, hehe.

Now when you’ve mastered the Na’vi language, the next step ofcourse is to look like one. Here’s a really funny make-up tutorial video on how to like a Na’vi.

Na’vi Make Up Tutorial


Links: Learn Navi
Download: Na’vi Pocket Guide

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