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Suit up as an Avenger but not in a cosplay way

Cosplaying as your favorite hero can be very fun, especially when you nail how they look exactly on the screen, or at least get close to it. But there’s a spiffy way to get your geek on: suits!

No we’re not talking about the Iron Man suit or the Spiderman suit, but actual two piece suits that you can totally rock for that next formal geek event. Or maybe you can just wear it whenever you feel geeky and fancy at the same time. Here are four Avengers-themed suit sets that we found on that you have to check out.

Avengers (Suit | Pants)

Geek out on a cool way with this black-and-white suit complete with symbols of heroes joining the Avengers logo. This is the simplest-looking suit from the set, with the A as the only giveaway from afar. You also got to love the embroidered logo near the cuff. All pants in this list feature the same lining as the jacket they are paired with. It may look like just a slim fit pair from the outside, but you’re also full on geeky on the inside.

Hulk (Suit | Pants)

The lining is a callback to Bruce Banner’s unbreakable pants when he goes on to Hulk Smash. This slim fit pair should have the same durability (we hope) as it goes well with the jacket and necktie.

Captain America (Suit | Pants)

We have to admit that Captain America’s shield looks like shooting targets from afar. Maybe that’s why baddies would keep shooting even if they know it won’t pierce through the vibranium. The shield fills the lining on all pieces, and the slim fit pants make sure it does justice to your own pair of America’s ass.

Iron Man (Suit | Pants)

If the other three suits were keeping the geek to a classy minimum, this set just screams IRON MAN! From the red and gold colorway to the glowing arc reactor and panel line patterns, there is no doubt you’re dressed up as Tony Stark.

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