Awesome Geeky Father's Day Gifts

Let’s all just accept the fact that most Dads now are geeks of some sort. Whether grown up on Star Wars or Star Trek, a geek Dad is more common than a Hockey Dad these days (thank God). So with Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought it might be cool if we found you some geek gifts for geek Dads so as to ensure your dad’s best Father’s Day yet. Relax, we are not going to suggest things that cost ten thousand dollars. We all know we would love to buy our pops something that amazing, but the reality is, RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH. But hell, our hearts are in the right place.

Here, some geeky Father’s Day gifts you can actually afford to get your geek Dad this Father’s Day.

Darth Vader Cuff Links

Everybody’s Dad has a little Darth Vader fetish. It’s true. Anyone in their 30’s or 40’s grew up with this series. And even if they are a slave to corporate America and have to wear a suit every day, at least these badass cuff links would let people around the office know not to mess with your Dad.

He could have the force, after all.

DIY Comic Strip Photo Frame

Imagine your Dad’s joy when opens this comic book inspired frame of pictures that you can mod yourself to make the perfect memory comic for your Father to gawk at and smile. Simple, inexpensive, yet truly priceless.

Niceshop Retro Flip Down Clock


There is something very old school and retro about this choice, but also very steampunk and geek at the same time. It is a clock that flips its numbers down automatically but tells the time in a very cool way that will spark and inspire geek Dads for sure.

Magitan Neo Legend Power Band

This is the power band Tony Stark wore in The Avengers. Granted, it can not do what Iron Man’s could, but it is an exact replica and will look truly heroic sitting on any Dad’s wrist. Why rock a lame watch when you can wear this and inspire awe?

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Car decals seem to be the ‘new order’ of the day (damn I am good at this), and if there has ever been a family car decal better than this one with a Star Wars theme, I have not seen it with my own eyes. Well, the zombie ones are close, but this still wins the day.

Knight’s Shot Glass Set

Your geek dad likes Game of Thrones. How do I know this? Because EVERYONE likes Game of Thrones. So what would be more fitting on a Sunday night for the Lord of the house to be able to watch GOT and drink out of something that made him feel worthy of that? These shot glasses will achieve just that!

Flux Capacitor USB Charger

If you somehow DON’T think a flux capacitor in your Dad’s car would make his daily life better, you are a bad child and I am sorry he had you. For any REAL geek Dad, just charging his phone with his flux capacitor will make him feel like the Doc Brown he always knew he could be.

Tactical Chef Apron

We ALL know how seriously Dads take grilling, so why not buy him a grilling apron that represents just how well the man can grill up dead animals? This tactical chef apron has anything a grilling geek could want. Also, let it be known. Whoever wears it looks like they are truly ready for a zombie apocalypse, so that just adds bonus points.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Dad some cool shit from above right now and make his Father’s Day his geekiest and greatest ever.

Or Just Buy Him This Baymax Bed!

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