Awesome Halloween Get Ups

So Halloween is over and done with, and I have read/heard a handful of people breathe a sigh of relief because of this. For those of you who cannot get enough of Halloween, though, here is one last post for this year. I don’t know about you, but I get a kick out of seeing photos of awesome Halloween costumes/makeup. The creativity and patience of these people deserve to be hailed and documented, don’t you think?

Game of Thrones Costumes

With Game of Thrones being the most popular fantasy series these days, it was inevitable that people would go as one of the many characters in the story. Over at the Game of Thrones Facebook page, you can see some of the user submitted photos. I have chosen the three that I like most.

First up is Samwell Tarly. How can you not love that costume?

Samwell Tarly

As I expected, the most common costume from the series was Khal Drogo. Throw in the Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen, and you have got a winner.

Drogo and Daenerys

I like how the bloody detail was added. I think, though, that even riding solo, this guy got Drogo quite well – except that he is smiling in a way I cannot imagine Drogo would do.


Carolina Ghostbusters

Carolina Ghostbusters

I don’t know about you, but the Ghostbusters may be old, but they will always be a hit Halloween costume for me. The way this couple made their ensemble deserves kudos! More photos with details here.



As the guy who posted this on Reddit said, this is his Bender costume, and he “riveted” it! I don’t see any rivets on the costume, but you can’t deny that’s a cool costume – beer in hand included.

Kids With Cool Parents

Reddit Alien Baby

This baby is so adorable in its Reddit Alien Costume, complete with the upvote sign. I am pretty sure he will not resent his parents for this photo.

This one is anything but cute, though, but I think that the parents might very well be the coolest on earth!

Zombie Kid

This kid is “dressed up” very nicely and will fit in very nicely on the set of the Walking Dead! Check out the rest of the zombie kid’s photos and be amazed!

This costume I am particularly proud of because a childhood friend of mine made it for her son. So did someone order dinner for Halloween? It is served.

Halloween Dinner

Now who wants some cheese and…a head? I made a mental squeal when I saw this photo!

Halloween Dinner Head

Needless to say this cute little kid got the most candy last night. Attaboy!

Heidi Klum’s Anatomy

Heidi Klum Anatomy Costume

Beat it, all other costumes. I would say that Heidi Klum’s costume takes the cake except that she probably has had a lot of help and resources coming up with this, so all the others in this list may have a slight disadvantage already. Still, this is jaw dropping, eye popping, breath catching – and all the -ings you can think of!

Awesome Dia de los Muertos Makeup

Dia de los Muertos

I think this DIY Halloween look gives Heidi Klum a run for her money. Okay, I am biased as these gorgeous Day of the Dead girl is my friend Roni. You can’t deny that this look is totally freaky, can you?

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