5 Awesome R-Rated Comic Book Movies (Besides Deadpool)

Everyone’s nips seem to be hard as glass cutters about Deadpool being R-rated AND successful. Many of these same people seem to forget we have had quite a few R-rated comic book movies in our lifetime, and downright decent ones at that. While Deadpool undoubtedly has raised the bar on the idea that R-rated comic book movies can kick-ass (see what I did there?), let us not forget about the many comic book movies for adults that came before Deadpool.

Hahahaha, they “came” before Deadpool. Oh man, Wade would love that joke, which already makes this article gold. Here are some badass R-rated comic book movies (OTHER than Deadpool) out there for you to enjoy.


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Can we just get this out of the way now? Dredd is up there with the best comic book movies ever made, without question. From the writing to the pacing of the movie to just how oddly beautiful the violence was, Dredd set the bar high for R-rated comic book movies years back.

Now where the hell is the sequel? Or sequels, I should say. More Dredd, more Dredd, more Dredd!

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Granted, this comic book movie strayed a bit from its source material, yet it still held its own as a no name comic character long before the comic book movies were at their height of popularity like they are right now. Kick-Ass even got a sequel, though it was inferior to the original.

But Kick-Ass just reminds us that the R-rated comic book movie audience was there the whole time. It has just been the studios that are too scared to make them. Also, how awesome was Nic Cage in this movie? It was the character he was mean to play.

Quick side note, Wanted is another good, adult comic book movie made by pretty much the same people who made Kick-Ass, writing wise. Both well worth viewings.

The Crow

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The Crow was a game-changer for me. No comic character had ever been that tortured to me, and the simple fact that his soul would not find rest until he killed every soul who was involved with the wrongful death of his girlfriend was (and very much is) almost Shakespearean in its roots.

The craziest part of this is that many folks did not know that The Crow was, indeed based on a comic that was (sort of) based on a true story. Lemme explain. The creator of the comic’s girlfriend got killed by drunk drivers (in real life) and for whatever reason, they walked free. J. O’ Barr wrote the comic as a way to deal with them in his head. As a way for him to find peace in his own soul. Very, very powerful stuff. Even more so considering Brandon Lee died bringing the character to life.

The irony is not lost on us, nor the needless tragedy of it all.

Sin City and 300

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Yes, I just made one entry two and mentioned two movies in another entry, so why this list is being called five when it is clearly seven is beyond me, but just roll with it.

I am including both these Frank Miller adaptations because they are both R-rated, they are both comic book movies, and they both are heavily influenced by Miller’s iconic art style. They are also no-holds-barred when it comes to getting that R-rating. Deadpool was mild by comparison. Hell, Sin City had dicks being ripped off.

All I am saying is, if you are going to make an R-rated comic book movie, that is how you do it. Make it true to source material or don’t make it at all (looking at you, Wolverine Origins).

30 Days of Night

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Ah, how about we end this wonderful list of comic book movies for adults on a bloody high note? People forget just how influential horror is on comics, and comics are on movies. In this case, you have a little bit of all of that sprinkled in to make a movie that honestly, should have done a lot better than it did.

30 Days of Night had a brilliantly simple plot device. Some vampires that are in desperate need of feeding decide to descend upon Alaska during the period when it stays dark for months. They use this darkness to slowly pick off one town, one by one. It all comes down to a few survivors and a sheriff who hold out hope that they can overcome it all before the entire town gets wiped out. Creepy, demented, and everything you could want from an R-rated comic book movie and more.

Now Hollywood needs to wake up and realize, holy shit, comic book fans are adults now, and they want to spend money on cool shit. We should make more of it for them.

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