Fandom Friday: Eye-popping Zelda Fan Art PLUS Cosplay

When we gave away some units of Ocarina of Time a while ago, you guys seemed to enjoy it a lot, so I thought why not treat you to eye candy for Fandom Friday?

DeviantArt artists have some badass Zelda fan art that you would want printed and put up your walls, so here you go.


Awesome Zelda Fan Art

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what’s awesome Zelda fan art for some may not be considered as such for others, but I’m pretty sure you’d love these.

1. Ganon FUN

Artist bumbleton says of his artwork:

I’ve been so excited to get this thing finished and I went through so many ideas before settling on having him taking arrows from the hero’s bow.  I guess this is what he would look like if the sword wielding Ganon similar to OoT came back in a new Zelda?  Who knows.  I combined the things I liked the most from both the OoT and TP Ganons.

2. Navi hey listen

Artist’s GENZOMAN’s most hated character…in pure awesome art.

3. Hero-of-time Revamp

Drawn by iliasPatlis, this re-vamped print is all about the lighting.

4. Hyrule Warriors: Queen Zelda

No words. Bow to iurypadilha.

5. The Great Deku Tree Concept


Needed to a warm up for environment work, thought about a wii U version of ocarina of time, not that it needs one. but yeah, the roots of the Deku tree are connected to every other tree in kokiri forest, and reach far into the earth, so the dungeon would be a big network of underground roots! would be pretty cool!

Isn’t this reminiscent of that fantasy classic written by some called Tolkien?

6. Dark Link

Artist TixieLix says:

If ultimate evil has a face in the Zelda universe, it’d have to be D. Link since Link is everything good and pure and he’s the exact opposite.

This is my preferred interpretation of D.Link – personality and palette-wise. I have always thought of him as being an intelligent entity that could shift between smoke/shadow to something more corporeal whenever it suited him.

If the dark side always looks this good…

7. Link

By nillia.

Link from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Link was playing his ocarina, and has just stopped, perhaps to listen or wait. Maybe he heard something…

Quite the opposite of the above indeed.

8. Old School Zelda Remastered

Because old school remastered is always cool. By TomPreston.

9. Swamp Temple

Artist Pertheseus says:

…just playing with environments and sorta blended it in with zelda themes – Its link with the frog prince entering the swamp temple ( this really isnt from any game cept for the frog got him from Links Awakening)

10. Zelda Conquers the Dark World

Ending the list with a bang, thanks to EranFolio.


How about some cosplay?

Link – Open Water (Cosplay from Zelda Wii U)


The Hero Within

By chelseycosplay

Link and Malon

By Adella

How about some DIY fun: DIY Zelda Mini-Arcade Game

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