Awful Geek Tattoo Fails

There’s nothing like having an awesome tattoo to show what you’re proud of or what you love. There are some people, however, that make you wonder what kind of decisions they have made in life.

If these tattoos are anything to go by, these people need help. While tattoos can be removed nowadays, these geek tattoo fails are just unbelievable.

Call it schadenfreude or whatever you want, but prepare to shake your head – at the very least.

1. God of War’s Kratos

If you’re a gamer, you can do much worse than getting Kratos tattooed on your arm. Just make sure you have a good reference and a tattoo artist that actually do the job. This is sacrilege!


2. iPhone Hater

So this dude thinks the iPhone sucks. That’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinion, but if you’re going to tell the world what you think, you could have at least have a well-designed tattoo.


3. Unicorn Tupac

This hurts. Maybe even worse than the Kratos tattoo. I can’t even…

4. Windows Vista

Not bad looking at all, but why??? Also, the date?

5. Rage

So rage comic faces are funny. If used properly and with perfect timing. This is just pathetic.

6. Microscope

I think this is supposed to be a microscope, but it’s so badly done that if I were this girl, I would always wear a long-sleeve shirt. Then again, I wouldn’t have gotten this tatt in the first place.


7. The Joker

WTF happened here? Heath Ledger is turning in his grave.


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